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Would you not call the dems efforts here a coup against an elected official?



I’m certainly not privy to the inner workings of this political mayhem, but one thing I do know…..Guaido was NOT elected.

Is this just another a coup d’état?

A coup by any other name is still a coup.

At stake:

Massive oil fields and the world’s largest gold reserves, both coveted by the west, and currently being developed by Russia and China from what I understand.

CIGA Wolfgang

In First Phone Call, Trump Congratulates Guaido On Becoming President Of Venezuela
January 30, 2019

President Trump started a Tuesday morning twitter storm with a tweet warning that Maduro will be “willing to negotiate” after the US starves his teetering regime of badly needed funding via the sanctions that were levied earlier this week.

But tweeting isn’t all the president did. According to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Trump spoke with Guaido for what appears to be the first time on Wednesday. A readout of the call revealed that Trump “congratulated” Guaido on his “historic assumption of the presidency of Venezuela,” and promised to keep in regular contact to “support Venezuela’s path back to stability.”