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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The latest from John Williams’

– Weakening Economy, Driven by Fed Tightening, and FOMC Promises for Even More in 2019, Likely Were Proximal Triggers for the Recent Stock Market Rout
– Market Turmoil Likely Has Only Just Begun
– Attempts by Fed to Mollify Impact of Recent Tightening Could Trigger Flight from the U.S. Dollar and Even Greater Crises

“Some Thoughts on the Stock Market ”

Bill Holter’s Commentary

Pretty sure Jim told us to expect this a few years ago?

China To Take Over Kenya’s Largest Port Over Unpaid Chinese Loan
December 26, 2018

No more Mr. Nice Chinese Guy.

After years of “benevolent” handouts to various African countries by Beijing, all of which however came in the form of loans, of which few have led to viable, long-term projects and cash-flow generating assets, and led to accusations that China is pursuing a “new colonialism” of the African continent (and more recently, nations along the One Belt, One Road corridor), China is demonstrating to the world what happens when its debtors refuse to pay up.

But first a brief detour: readers will recall that China’s ambitions for Africa are hardly new, and were discussed here over 6 years ago for the first time in “The Beijing Conference”: See How China Quietly Took Over Africa”


Bill Holter’s Commentary

If this is true, THE biggest truth bomb of our lifetime is being detonated!