Is This A Joke?

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This is my last article of the year as I need a little R and R. There are a couple interviews already done and will be posted when we receive a link. We will be doing our weekly call for subscribers on weekends as usual. A very golden 2019 is in store!


Is This A Joke?
December 20, 2018

As the year comes to a close, we all look back and reflect on what happened, what didn’t, and what should or should not logically happen in the future. During some recent reflection, I could only laugh and finished my thoughts by thinking “is this a joke”?

We all (even the brain dead) know something has seriously changed in our financial markets. Emotional thought has morphed from buy the dip to sell the rip. In other words, fear is now in the process of replacing greed as the prevailing sentiment. But why? What has changed?

Specifically, the “clock” is finally running out. I am of course referring to debt and the (in)ability to service it. The Great Financial Crisis was brought about by too much debt and was reacted to by administering even more debt as the fix. This little tidbit is outright history but now forgotten in less than a decade. QE was put forth as something “new” when in fact it was only a fancy name for debt monetization which has been tried hundred’s of times in the past with the very same result each time …destroyed and worthless pieces of paper called currency. The only difference in today’s world is currencies now are predominantly digital rather than pieces of paper.