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The finality.



CIGA Tom with a great catch!



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MUST READ: Hey, Mr. Trump! Tear Down That Deep State Wall…..Of Secrecy
December 3, 2018

When the Donald promised to “drain the swamp” during the 2016 election campaign—- it did sound vaguely like an attack on Big Government, and at least a directional desire to shrink the state and let free market capitalism breathe.

After 22 months in office, however, the truth is patently obvious: The only Swamp that Donald Trump wants to drain is one filled with his political enemies and policy adversaries at any given moment in time. Even then, you have to consult his tweetstorm ledger to know exactly who the swamp creatures de jure actually are.

Still, the Donald’s daily Twitter assaults on the Deep State are a wondrous thing. They surely do undermine public confidence in rogue institutions like the FBI, CIA and NSA, which profoundly threaten America’s constitutional liberties and fiscal solvency.

Likewise, his frequently unhinged tweets also lather their congressional sponsors and beltway poo-bahs with well-deserved mud and opprobrium. And the Donald’s increasingly acrimonious public feuding with Deep State criminals like James Comey and John Brennan is just what the doctor ordered.




Two articles from ZeroHedge.com.  One from this morning and one from this afternoon.

Scary stuff.

Seems like the public wants heads to roll!

All too often in the past, whenever I mentioned a return to the “Marie Antoinette” mentality, I always got chuckles.

Well Golly!




It looks like it’s coming uncomfortably close.

You can’t beseech people to vote for you and then turn around and screw them.  At some point it all eventually comes to an end.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Macron Blinks: France Suspends Fuel Tax Hike After “Yellow Vest” Riots


The “President of the Rich” has finally caved and decided to reverse his controversial ‘fuel tax’ as his capitol city lies in ruins.

Dec 4, 2018 7:25 AM

French ‘Yellow Vests’ Reject Macron’s Six-Month Tax Delay As Student Protests Intensify


“Suspending the tax to re-instate it in six months is taking the French people for a ride.”

Dec 4, 2018 2:50 PM



We’ll need to keep a close eye on this.


Encouraged by US, Ukraine Prepares to Stage Military Provocation
December 4, 2018

There is a cause for concern and it’s real and very grave. Ukraine is being pushed to war. Kiev is not bluffing. Encouraged by its American tutors, it’s involved in dangerous games pursuing political purposes. It’s not about sanctions, warnings, statements and declarations – they want to provoke real shooting now. The time is right for ringing alarm bells before it’s too late.

The US President Donald Trump’s refusal to have a separate meeting with President Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina citing the Kerch Strait incident as a reason was not exactly unexpected. Obviously, Washington is interested in aggravating the Russian-Ukrainian relations. The introduction of the state of emergency in the territories bordering Russia, the concentration of Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region, and the call-up of reservists announced by Ukraine’s president – all these moves testify to the fact that war preparations are in full swing. Neither Washington nor Brussels have called on Kiev to show restraint.

Ukraine has recently announced its decision not to allow Russian men aged 16-60 into the country. This policy of Kiev is in stark contrast with what Moscow does. According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided not to retaliate. No, quite the opposite – he ordered to simplify the procedures for Ukrainians asking for Russian citizenship. The move is intended to demonstrate good intentions. In late October, the Russian president signed the Concept of the State Migration Policy of the Russian Federation for 2019-2025 to facilitate the inflow of Russian speakers to the country.




A few points to consider:

1) Interest rates falling (less competition for gold).

2) Yield curve inverting (potential destabilizing risk growing in financial circles).

3) Massive accumulation of physical gold by the world’s central banks, as a safe haven.

4) Everyone on one side of the boat (short gold).

“Gold is still a hated asset and positioning of the crowds is all but bullish.”

5) Finally, the Dollar on its last legs?

“If the aggregate USD long is to be washed out or not remains to be seen….Depending on your view on the USD, gold and oil could offer interesting trades.”

Everything in place for a potentially explosive move in gold.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

USD Smoked
December 4, 2018

By AskBrokers.com

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The G20 meeting was a success for both the US and China. The rhetoric has been hard, but don’t forget, these two superpowers both want to avoid a full-blown trade war, if possible. They are also both interested in having a weaker USD.

A strong USD spills over to the Yuan as it is rather tied to the USD. A stronger USD is subsequently a problem. The US doesn’t want a “too weak” Yuan as this “takes away” the effects of the tariffs. A breakdown in talks between Trump and Xi was a possibility, but both had interest in avoiding further stress and market turbulence. Contrary to what many believed (and yes we warned for the possible USD sell off on November 29th), the USD has sold off and affected various assets.

The Yuan has put in a huge move over past two days.