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Black Swans (talking points from Saturday):

























This is from the Deep State paper of recor.


Russia Attacks Ukrainian Ships and International Law
November 26, 2018

Russia’s attack on Ukrainian naval vessels in the Black Sea was a violation of international law and a dangerous escalation of the undeclared war the Kremlin has waged for more than four years against Ukraine in Crimea, in the breakaway provinces of eastern Ukraine, and now at sea.

The Kremlin can shout all it wants about a provocation, about an attempt by the Ukrainian president to create a political diversion or about anything else, but none of that changes the fact that Russia had no legal justification for firing on three Ukrainian boats and seizing them.

The vessels, two small armored boats and a tugboat, were headed for the Kerch Strait, which separates Crimea from Russia and is the only entrance to the Sea of Azov, where much of Ukraine’s coastline lies. Russia claimed they had crossed into Russian waters, but that is based on its illegal claim to Crimea, which it seized in 2014.




Will history repeat?


The WWI Conspiracy
November 19, 2018





One minute to midnight.


US Military Contractor Is Hiring Personnel To Support Classified ‘Contingency Operations’ In Ukraine
November 29, 2018

A US contractor accidentally revealed a US military specialist deployment in the combat zones in Ukraine via an Job Advertisement on LinkedIn.

Similarly to the Atlantic Council’s report on independence of Eastern European countries, as well as the meeting between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the posting comes days before the escalation in the Sea of Azov.

Mission Essential is a government contractor, which primarily serves intelligence and military clients. It began as the US government’s leading provider of translation and interpretation services.



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Learning the Real Lessons of Yalta to Prevent World War III
November 30, 2018

Politically aware Americans, especially self-proclaimed “tough” neo-liberals and neo-conservatives have had a hate obsession with the Crimea for 73 years since proclaiming the myth of an “evil” sell-out of Eastern Europe that supposedly took place at the Yalta summit conference in February 1945 between Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill and a dying US President Franklin Roosevelt.

Instead, as is often the case in the age of George Orwell’s “big lie” in modern America and Britain, the opposite was the case. The Yalta conference was a triumph of realpolitik that kept the global peace between the superpowers almost three quarter s of a century so far.

It is, therefore enormously ironic that the peace of the world should now be threatened over US and UK outrage in particular over Russia asserting its legal and sovereign rights after a blatant breach of agreements and sovereignty by the Ukrainian vessels in Kerch Strait separating Crimea from mainland Russia.



Jim & Bill,

We covered this on Saturday.


Deutsche Bank Crimes Can Cause Next Global Crisis – William Black
December 2, 2018

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, knows why and contends, “Deutsche Bank (DB) poses as what is called a ‘National Champion’ bank and the largest bank by far in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany. This is quite a statement because VW is such a massive fraud. . . .It is insane that we allow Deutsche Bank to go from fraud to fraud to fraud. . . .They cheat on everything else you can possibly imagine and, typically, they are getting caught, which is also not a very good sign in terms of their competence even as thieves. Even in the United States, there has been reluctance to crack down on Deutsche Bank. . . . When the New York Commissioner tried to crack down, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the premier banking regulator, actually sought to impede that. He disparaged the New York folks and said there really wasn’t that big of problems and such, and all of that proved to be lies.”

Deutsche Bank was raided by German regulators last week on more allegations of fraud and money laundering.




The end is here.


The Criminalization of Politics
November 28, 2018

Global Intel Hub – (Zero Hedge Exclusive) 11/28/2018 – Atlanta, GA

The system is crooked.  So why bother, right?  Most Americans don’t vote don’t care.  Up to 30% don’t file don’t pay taxes.  That’s real freedom!  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies – the world is not as it seems.

Personally, I watched the fixing of the 2000 election from ground zero in Palm Beach County Florida.  The registration of dead voters, the confusion over the chads, getting prisoners to vote Republican.  Gore should have won by a much larger margin (not that I wanted Gore to win, I’m speaking like an objective observer).  Being a trader, I wasn’t much interested in voting or politics which was unusual, as I went to a school where Dan Quail  and George Bush Sr. were visitors at our mock political rallies, friends of mine were some of Bush’s biggest donors (that was in the year he lost, of course).  Barbara Bush came to one of my baseball games, I had the photo where I shook her hand on my bedroom wall for years (I was 8 years old I thought it was significant like meeting the Queen).