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This really pushes the PC boundaries using a native American truth telling.  I can’t wait to respond to the brigade of offended snowflakes!  It seems the truer something is…the more offended they are?
















We talked about this on Saturday.


Sweden Is on the Verge of Going Completely Cashless: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
November 26, 2018

Sweden is rapidly turning into a cashless society, which seems like the utopian dream of many a government figure. What could possibly go wrong from the government’s point of view? Isn’t it ideal that they could soon digitally control every single person in the country?

Actually, quite a few things are going wrong. So much so that even members of the government are expressing concern.

Sweden is the most cashless society in the world

The change is happening fast in the European country.

“No cash accepted” signs are becoming an increasingly common sight in shops and eateries across Sweden as payments go digital and mobile…

…Sweden is widely regarded as the most cashless society on the planet. Most of the country’s bank branches have stopped handling cash; many shops, museums and restaurants now only accept plastic or mobile payments…