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The best comment I heard today was “The PTT is working so hard to discredit gold, something awful must be coming fast”.


It’s A Global Gold Rush! Worried Central Banks Snap Up £13billion Hoard Amid Growing Fears Of Global Volatility
October 7, 2018

Central banks across the world are hoarding gold amid growing fears about global volatility and a possible downturn for financial markets.

They have snapped up almost 275 tons of gold this year alone – 8 per cent ahead of 2017 – at a cost of more than £13 billion.

Many national banks have been returning to the market for the first time in years. India bought eight tons, its first purchase since 2009.

Poland bought nine tons during the summer, its largest buy since 1998. And Egypt acquired gold for the first time since 1978.

Investors often buy gold to protect against falling stock markets and rising inflation.



I love Judicial Watch…going after Soros.




It’s all coming to a head, very soon.

Everybody is discounting the effects of trade war, but it’s wise to pay close attention.

Here is the beginning:

PPG’s Horror Quarter Reveals The Nightmare Scenario For Q3 Earnings

Rising costs, check. Slowing Chinese demand, check. Higher inventories, check. Strong dollar eating away at foreign sales, check.

October 8, 2018

And a dark premonition of what’s yet to come:

Unprecedented Public Confrontation On Display In Beijing Between Top US, China Diplomats

Chinese President Xi Jinping refused to meet with Pompeo during his visit to Beijing on Monday, while China’s foreign minister said in no uncertain terms that the US shouldn’t expect China’s help with denuclearizing North Korea.

October 8, 2018

Be very afraid.

It’s an historic pissing contest among the super powers that will leave devastation in it’s wake, the likes of which Hurricane Michael would be jealous of.

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