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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The forthcoming unavoidable Syrian Proxy War will also include China, Russia and Syria vs. the US, a make believe consortium…plus Saudi Arabia. It will be interesting to see what NATO’s contribution will be or NOT.

This will not be nuclear, but conventional. It will push high tech to the edge of the envelope. It will be clear to the world which country has command of the technical war machine.

Xi Jinping Gave Vladimir Putin A Giant Gold “Best Friend” Necklace
June 8, 2018

Hours before Donald Trump stunned the G7 with a friendly overture to Russia, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping sealed their status as BFFs. The Chinese president even gave his Russian counterpart a large gold necklace—technically a “friendship medal”—as a symbol of their growing bond.

“President Putin is the leader of a great country who is influential around the world,” Xi said. “He is my best, most intimate friend.” The two have met more than 20 times.

Putin received China’s first-ever friendship medal for his “outstanding contributions” to China’s modernization drive and helping to maintain world peace, AFP reported.

He also reminisced to a Chinese broadcaster early this week about celebrating his birthday with Xi in 2013: “I won’t hide it, we had a shot of vodka and sliced some sausage. We finished the day’s work and he celebrated my birthday with me … I’ve never established such relations or made such arrangements with any other foreign colleague, but I did it with President Xi.”


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Would you like to see what a coup could looks like?

BREAKING NEWS: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Disputes Report That He Discussed Using 25th Amendment To Remove Trump – And Even Explored Covertly Recording Him To Gather Evidence
September 21, 2018

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (right) reportedly talked with FBI officials including then-acting director Andrew McCabe about wearing a wire to secretly record President Donald Trump, in order to build a case for removing him from office


Rosenstein is dismissing a New York Times report about his alleged plotting, and says he has no basis to think Trump should be the recipient of a 25th Amendment coup