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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Compliments of Momentum Structural Analysis

“MSA looks at the market from a somewhat different point of view. Rather than focusing on price,

something that virtually everybody does, MSA tracks momentum, [revealing] trends that have been building for a long time, and have much more depth to them and staying power.”

– Wall Street Journal, December 25, 2015

Most recent momentum based forecast


Gold’s intermediate trend factors have already indicated that a recovery process is underway. We continue to monitor silver and GDX (see the following pages) for similar intermediate trend signals that will reinforce gold’s turning process.

We’ve turned to this longer-term gold oscillator for an additional sign of recovery.

We identified the parallel channel going back to early this year three weeks ago, and it’s been bumped repeatedly since, indicating that the channel is a valid technical feature.

If the October gold future can close out this week at or above $1203, then momentum will close above the channel top.

That should add further impetus to gold’s recovery and likely drive readings to next resistance (red lined), which is around $1260 in price-equivalent terms.

We’ve noted the green line in prior reports. It’s not an issue now, but if gold ever reaches $1315 to $1320 in the next few months, then that major line tracing back to 2016 will be broken above. That argues that gold’s price would in turn blow out its two-year highs that have more or less flat-lined around $1360.

Now to update trend shift numbers for silver and GDX.


The pivotal level for intermediate trend momentum is the red horizontal line. Repeated low weekly closes as well as some intraweek lows define that line, which was broken in July. Since then, two rallies back up to that level have been repelled.

Close out this week at or above $14.49 (September future), and action will close over that line and open the door for a sharp rally, probably to around $0.70 over the 10-wk. avg. before encountering the next meaningful resistance (grey horizontal line).

This upside trigger number adjusts down weekly such that next week (the 28th) a breakout would occur with a $14.30 weekly close. The September future expires on the 26th, so by the weekly close of the 28th, the December silver future will be the front month active contract. It’s now trading .10 above the September future.

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Enough is enough! Trump see this man is arrested and answers to his law breaking. If you don’t, you are not a promise keeper.

We Were Right! TGP Reported On Kerry’s Meeting With Iranians In Paris – His Spox Denied It — Now We Know It Was True
September 13, 2018

Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry was secretly meeting with Iranian officials to salvage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

After the news broke last week, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee called on G-men to arrest John Kerry for his treasonous acts.

Kerry was working against the Trump administration to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal.

In May former Obama Secretary of State was seen dining with several Iranian regime officials.