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Truth bomb soon…


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Coming ‘VERY SOON’ to a theater near you.

Most likely100’s more to be added to picture above.

Will we see gallows?



I like Luke Gromen’s post very much.  The veins of his thinking run as deep as Tanzanian Royalty’s gold veins in Buckreef.


Welcome to the new Petro Yuan (Renminbi RMB), replacing the Petro Dollar of old.

This has massive implications regarding the direction of the US Dollar, and especially US debt encumbrance,  in the near future.

This is not only about China, Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan, but with the Euro coming on board we’ll see the pace of change in global economic dominance increasing exponentially.

We now think countries selling oil in these contracts and getting paid in RMB are starting to recycle that profit back into Chinese government bonds. This is going to continue for decades.”

 -UBS Asset Mgmt, via BBG

And, from Euro President:

“It is absurd that Europe pays for 80% of its energy import bill ~300B euro a year – in USD when only roughly 2% of our energy imports from US. It is absurd that European companies buy European planes in dollars instead of euro,” EC President JC Juncker, State of Union Address.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech


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One of the clearest examples of media bias.


Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel.
July 29, 2018

On Friday, the Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees. The report also said that Trump decided not to take a dime of his salary, instead he donated it to an special cause. (see below).

The report also showed that President Trump is far better at saving money than Obama was.   The total White House salaries under Trump are $35.8 million vs $40.9 under Obama, saving $5.1 million.

Here are some other key findings.

There  are 110 fewer employees on White House staff under Trump than under Obama at this point in their respective presidencies.

Nineteen fewer staffers are dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS).

  Currently, there are 5 staffers dedicated to Melania Trump

  1. 24 staffers who served Michelle Obama (FY2009).



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Intel Veterans Urge President Trump To Step Back From The Brink On Syria
September 11, 2018

Via ConsortiumNews.com,

In a memo to President Trump, a group of former U.S. intelligence officers, including NSA specialists, warn that the potential for a U.S.-Russia confrontation has never been greater at a moment the White House has confirmed it’s in the planning stages of a strike on Syria, claiming “new intelligence” that Assad has already “ordered” a chemical weapons attack, according to the WSJ.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Moscow Has Upped the Ante in Syria

Mr. President:

We are concerned that you may not have been adequately briefed on the upsurge of hostilities in northwestern Syria, where Syrian armed forces with Russian support have launched a full-out campaign to take back the al-Nusra/al-Qaeda/ISIS-infested province of Idlib.  The Syrians will almost certainly succeed, as they did in late 2016 in Aleppo.  As in Aleppo, it will mean unspeakable carnage, unless someone finally tells the insurgents theirs is a lost cause.

That someone is you. The Israelis, Saudis, and others who want unrest to endure are egging on the insurgents, assuring them that you, Mr. President, will use US forces to protect the insurgents in Idlib, and perhaps also rain hell down on Damascus. We believe that your senior advisers are encouraging the insurgents to think in those terms, and that your most senior aides are taking credit for your recent policy shift from troop withdrawal from Syria to indefinite war.



Jim, how many times will the public fall for the same fake gas attack?

As long as the Dow Jones goes up?


Staged Filming of False Flag ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib: Russian MoD
September 11, 2018

Russian state media channels, in a near simultaneous blitz of information, have issued breaking alerts this morning that anti-Assad insurgents in Idlib have begun filming “fake footage of chemical attacks” based on Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) statements. The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation says the “fake footage of chemical attacks” is expected to be delivered to various TV channels and Western journalists before the end of the day Tuesday.

Russia’s Sputnik News indicates based on official Moscow sources:

According to the information received from inhabitants of Idlib province, militants are now filming a staged provocation in the city of Jisr al-Shugur, where “chemical weapons” are depicted as being used by the Syrian army against civilians. The film crews of several Middle Eastern TV channels arrived in Jisr al-Shugur in the morning, as well as the regional affiliate of one of the main American television news networks”, the Reconciliation Center said.

Idlib residents have begun donning ‘protective gear’ according to an Al-Jazeera report. Image source: Reuters

Jisr al-Shugur is a key al-Qaeda held town in Idlib Province, specifically under the control of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Nusrah Front, or al-Qaeda). There have been international journalists inside Jisr al-Shugur over the past weeks.

Official Russian military sources also say two containers of a chlorine-based toxic substance have been brought to Jisr al-Shugur; however, the sources did not cite any specific intelligence or provide evidence to back the claim.



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How To Explain The Cause Of The Syrian War In 2 Minutes
September 11, 2018

The last time time President Trump launched massive strikes on Syria in April of 2018, Jeffrey Sachs went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe just two days before the attack to give the American public a perspective they had never heard aired on a major cable network.

Importantly, Sachs is not some random unknown blogger or obscure editorial writer, but a renowned Columbia University professor and career Harvard academic who has won numerous awards and serves as special economic adviser to the U.N.

During the panel Sachs appeared to shock his hosts with erudite analysis of how the seven-year long war in Syria has fundamentally been fueled by covert regime change from the West and its Gulf allies — a rare if not unheard of subject for the show.

In mere two minutes Sachs cut through the soundbites even as — just like now — the Trump administration was advancing completely unverified claims of an Assad chemical attack on civilians in order to prep the public for military intervention.

Sachs told the MSNBC panel:

 We know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad. The CIA and Saudi Arabia together in covert operations tried to overthrow Assad. It was a disaster.

 Eventually it brought in both ISIS as a splinter group to the jihadists that went in, it also brought in Russia.

 So we have been digging deeper and deeper and deeper. What we should do now is get out, and not continue to throw missiles, not have a confrontation with Russia…