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Dear Jim,

I’m seeing signs of people throwing in the towel in disgust; Wheaton Precious Metals just bought a PGM royalty, Franco Nevada just bought another oil royalty.

And the Vanguard precious metals fund is changing its name because they don’t want to be associated with gold anymore. A newsletter writer I know, who claims to love gold says: don’t expect anything from gold in the near future. In addition, two of the FANG stocks which comprise 20% of the Nasdaq are acting very badly.

All of these things make me extremely bullish, and I expect August to be an August month for gold. Perhaps, I’ll be wrong (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I expect the near record short positions in gold to spark some buying soon. Just a thought.

Your friend,

J. Mergott



We have talked about this on Saturdays for a long time.


Button Up Yer Bungholes Boys N’ Girls, Cuz Baba Beijing Is Bringing On The Badass
August 9, 2018

by Jeff Brown

. . .

So, go ahead and say it: the United States is not humanity’s sole superpower, neither economically, nor militarily. There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?







Pictured above: Badass Baba Beijing making America’s bald eagle feel the pain. The United States does not have bamboo forests. China has thousands of square kilometers of them. What’s an American eagle doing there? Uncle Sam, you’re out of range and outclassed in this neck of the woods. Time to dust off your feathers and get the heck out. Go home and take care of your own suffering people.