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The mess we are in is coming to a head!


Judicial Watch Experts Tom Fitton and Chris Farrell Available to Discuss IG Report on DOJ/FBI
June 12, 2018

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that its key spokespeople, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and Director of Investigations and Research Chris Farrell, will be available to discuss the long-anticipated report from the Department of Justice Inspector General regarding the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information through her unsecure, non-state.gov email system.

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz said that he planned to release a report on Thursday, June 14.

The report is expected to address many issues concerning the FBI under former Directors James Comey and Andrew McCabe, as well as the Justice Department under former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Judicial Watch’s investigations and lawsuits are the proximate cause for uncovering Clinton’s illicit email system and have been at the forefront of the search for information on the actions of Comey, McCabe and Lynch. For example:

Judicial Watch Uncovers Hidden Strzok Emails in Latest Production of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs—Strzok Email Suggests Clinton Investigation Decision Made in April 2016

Judicial Watch Fights State Department for Full Accounting of Clinton-Related Emails on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Judicial Watch: FBI to Ask Strzok and Page to Preserve Records



Nothing profound.

Just a bit of reality with a touch of common sense. Traits sorely lacking amongst today’s investors.

I’ve always tried to impress upon my constituents to never, ever, lose sight of this fact. Debt begets more debt.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

US Budget Deficit Hits $530 Billion In 8 Months, As Spending On Interest Explodes
June 12, 2018

The US is starting to admit that it has a spending problem.

According to the latest Monthly Treasury Statement, in May, the US collected $217BN in receipts – consisting of $93BN in individual income tax, $103BN in social security and payroll tax, $3BN in corporate tax and $18BN in other taxes and duties- a drop of 9.7% from the $240.4BN collected last March and a clear reversal from the recent increasing trend…



Courtesy of Dave.


Are YOU Brainwashed?
June 11, 2018

By Uri Avnery

“Information Clearing House” – IT’S FRIGHTENING. Unprincipled psychologists, in the service of a malignant regime, use sophisticated techniques in order to control the mind of a person from afar.

The term “brainwashing” was born in 1950. It is a Chinese word (“xinao”, literally wash brain). Originally it served to describe a technique used – so it was claimed – by Chinese masterminds to manipulate the minds of American prisoners in the Korean War. They changed their unconscious mental processes and turned them into agents of sinister forces.

Many books and movies purported to show how this works. For example, the classic film “The Manchurian Candidate” shows how the communists take an American prisoner-of-war in the Korean war, an officer, manipulate his mind and give him an order to kill the US presidential candidate. The American officer does not know that he has been turned unconsciously into a communist agent. He does not remember the order given him under hypnosis and does not know that he acts accordingly.

THIS PLOT is ridiculous, like most of the pseudo-scientific descriptions. In practice, it is much easier to manipulate the minds of people, individuals and collectives.

For example, the Nazi “propaganda”. It was invented by Adolf Hitler himself. In his book, “Mein Kampf”, he describes how, as a soldier on the Western front in WWI, he witnessed the extremely successful British propaganda. The British dropped leaflets over the German trenches and shattered the soldiers’ confidence in their leadership.


Jim and Bill have said this all along, it is MOPE!


The Real Economic Numbers: 21.5 Percent Unemployment, 10 Percent Inflation And Negative Economic Growth
June 13, 2018

Every time the mainstream media touts some “wonderful new economic numbers” I just want to cringe. Yes, it is true that the economic numbers have gotten slightly better since Donald Trump entered the White House, but the rosy economic picture that the mainstream media is constantly painting for all of us is completely absurd. As you are about to see, if honest numbers were being used all of our major economic numbers would be absolutely terrible. Of course we can hope for a major economic turnaround for America under Donald Trump, but we certainly are not there yet. Economist John Williams of shadowstats.com has been tracking what our key economic numbers would look like if honest numbers were being used for many years, and he has gained a sterling reputation for being accurate. And according to him, it looks like the U.S. economy has been in a recession and/or depression for a very long time.

Let’s start by talking about unemployment. We are being told that the unemployment rate in the United States is currently “3.8 percent”, which would be the lowest that it has been “in nearly 50 years”.


Courtesy of Dave.


WaPo and SEC Commissioner Wake Up to Looming Crisis from Stock Buybacks
June 12, 2018

. . .

“Last year, public companies spent more than $800 billion buying back their own shares and, thanks to all the cash freed up by the recent tax bill, Goldman Sachs estimates that share buybacks will surge to $1.2 trillion this year. That comes at a time when share prices are at an all-time high — so companies are buying at the top — and when a growing global economy offers the best opportunity to expand into new products and new markets. This is nothing short of corporate malpractice…

“The most significant and troubling aspect of this buyback boom, however, is that despite record corporate profits and cash flow, at least a third of the shares are being repurchased with borrowed money, bringing the corporate debt to an all-time high, not only in an absolute sense but also in relation to profits, assets and the overall size of the economy…

“A decade ago, in 2008, there was $2.8 trillion in outstanding bonds from U.S. corporations. Today, it’s $5.3 trillion, after the record $1.7 trillion of new bonds issued last year, according to Dealogic, and $500 billion more issued this year.”



Could there be a problem with counterparty risk?

Think so?

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

SHAREHOLDER ALERT – Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC Notifies Investors of Class Action Against Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft (DB) & Lead Plaintiff Deadline – August 6, 2018


ACCESSWIRE June 13, 2018

INVESTOR ACTION ALERT: The Schall Law Firm Announces it is Investigating Claims Against Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft and Encourages Investors with Losses in Excess of $500,000 to Contact the Firm


ACCESSWIRE •June 12, 2018

DB SHAREHOLDER ALERT: The Law Offices of Vincent Wong Notifies Investors of an Investigation Involving Possible Securities Fraud Violations by the Board of Directors of Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft


Business Wire •June 12, 2018

INVESTOR ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky, LLP Reminds Investors of an Investigation Involving Possible Securities Fraud Violations by the Board of Directors of Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft


Business Wire •June 11, 2018

SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Brower Piven Notifies Investors of Class Action Lawsuit And Encourages Those Who Have Losses In Excess Of $100,000 From Investment In Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft (NYSE: DB) To Contact Brower Piven Before The Lead Plaintiff Deadline

GlobeNewswire•June 11, 2018

Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP Continues Investigation on Behalf of Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Investors (DB)


Business Wire •June 08, 2018

DEUTSCHE BANK INVESTOR ALERT: Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Encourages Investors Who Suffered Losses Exceeding $50,000 Investing In Deutsche Bank AG To Contact The Firm


PR Newswire •June 08, 2018

EQUITY ALERT: Rosen Law Firm Announces Filing of Securities Class Action Lawsuit Against Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft – DB


Business Wire June 08, 2018

Pomerantz Law Firm Announces the Filing of a Class Action against Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft and Certain Officers – DB

GlobeNewswire•June 07, 2018


ETP is an exchange of paper gold for physical gold between exchanges like the Comex and LME.

The Comex cannot deliver, so it leans on the LME.

But the rest of the exchanges are encountering major difficulty also.

Somebody is draining them! China?

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

COMEX EFP Use Continues To Surge
June 13, 2018

Written by Craig Hemke, Sprott Money News

Back in April, we first reported upon the surge in the use of “Exchanges For Physical” on the COMEX. We thought we should provide an update today.

As a refresher, here’s a link to the first report from eight weeks ago:

Recently, it was reported that Chris Powell of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) had requested action and an investigation into this process from the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, Joseph Otting. Below is a link to Chris’ letter, but note that Chris reports he has yet to receive any acknowledgment from the Comptroller’s office. This, despite the fact that the letter was dated five weeks ago!

So, again, why is this important to gold investors? Simply put, the increasing use of EFPs on the COMEX is very likely a sign of physical demand stress within the digital derivative pricing scheme. Why? Consider the sheer size of the EFP activity.

At Eric Sprott’s urging, on November 24, 2017, we first began to monitor the increasing daily totals of Exchanges For Physical. As noted in our previous post, the best explanation of this process can be found in this link from 2009 with the key excerpt posted below:



A Q photograph now has the internet abuzz.


“It Looks Like An Ascending Missile,” Unidentified Object Photographed Over Washington State, Navy Denies
June 13, 2018

It’s time to get out that tinfoil hat.

Greg Johnson of Skunk Bay Weather, a local weather website that runs camera enabled weather stations on the northern Kitsap Peninsula; Kitsap County, Washington, recorded a mysterious object early Sunday morning that has social media buzzing.


One of Johnson’s weather stations has a camera monitoring the Puget Sound at Whidbey Island from Skunk Bay, and at 3:56 a.m. Sunday by a high-resolution, 20-second exposure camera, snapped what looks like the impossible — a missile blasting off from what seems to be the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.