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This brings tears to every real American, making all those others look like traitors.


Anti-NFL Song Called “Take A Knee… My A**!” Goes Viral
November 17, 2017



Bill doing his civic duty at town hall.





This is the story I brought up on Saturday.


Conspiracy Theory Proven Fact as Cops Remove Senator from Walmart Converted into Detention Center
June 7, 2018

In 2015, Snopes attempted to fact-check “rumors” that “began to swirl in April 2015 when several Walmart stores around the U.S. were abruptly closed due what Walmart claimed were “plumbing problems.“ Walmarts in Pico Rivera, CA, Livingston, TX, Midland, TX, Brandon, FL, and Tulsa, OK, all suddenly closed their doors, with Walmart corporate announcing that some of those outlets would be shuttered for six months or more. We now know, even though Snopes has not updated its web page, that at least one of those Walmarts is a detention center to house children of immigrant families.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) attempted to enter the converted Walmart in Brownsville, TX to inspect the living conditions of immigrant children who had reportedly been separated from their parents and were rumored to be kept in cages and concrete floors of the converted Walmart. Merkley streamed live on social media his attempt to enter the facility but was denied entry by Homeland Security.

All the windows and doors to the facility—which is a shuttered Walmart—have been blacked out with window tinting. Merkley arrived and was immediately asked to leave by a female government worker.




As we have said many times, everything can be hacked. How safe is Cryptocurrency?


China Hacked US Navy Contractor, Stole 614GB Of Submarine Missile Secrets
June 10, 2018

The U.S. Navy and the FBI are investigating a massive cyber breach that compromised the network of an unidentified Navy contractor, as Chinese hackers allegedly stole large amounts of data related to undersea warfare, including top-secret programs to develop supersonic anti-ship missiles for submarines by 2020, according to American officials, The Washington Post reported.

The data breach occurred earlier this year as the investigation is still ongoing. The officials said that the contractor was working at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, a full-spectrum research, development, and testing arm of the Navy. The warfare center focuses on submarines, autonomous underwater systems, and offensive and defensive weapons systems associated with undersea warfare.

According to the WaPo, Chinese hackers stole a total of 614 gigabytes of plans for cutting-edge weapons relating to various undersea programs, as well as sensor data, submarine information about cryptographic systems, and an entire library of submarine electronic warfare data.

Since the cyber attack, this has been a nightmare for the Pentagon, as the Navy warned The Washington Post not to release further details about the secret submarine missile program, in their report. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary James Mattis ordered the Pentagon inspector general’s office Friday to investigate the massive data breach.



Dear Friends,

Those of you who appreciate long term log charts and cyclical analysis, this wave chart of TRX – weekly (since its birth) becomes interesting. Please note horizontal FIB…

Thank you Richard.

Best regards,





There’s a fine between “Free Speech” and “Sedition”.

Perhaps the Washington Post should be brought up on charges of Sedition.

An example must be made, lest the media gets out of hand. Nobody should be above law, especially the media. In my day, we called the “Shit Stirrers”.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

“Start Throwing Rocks”: Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets
August 17, 2017

Authored by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

It’s not an exaggeration to say that battle lines are being drawn in America today. You can see it in the news everyday. As time goes on, people in this country are becoming very tribal, as Americans of different races, religions, and political persuasions turn on each other. What we saw in Charlottesville last weekend was just the latest sign that America is turning into a very dark place, where conflict between different demographics is the norm. And it probably won’t be the last indicator to emerge.

So how did we get to this place? How did we reach a point where America resembles Wiemar Germany, with white nationalists and socialist thugs battling it out on the streets and killing people?

If I were to pick one culprit for this mess, it would be the mainstream media. They’re the ones who have, for the most part, stood behind leftist ideologues for decades, and allowed them to bury public discourse under a wave of identity politics. They are at the very least, partly to blame. They’ve helped stoke divisions in this country that were once faint, or in the process of healing.



Our friend Robert sends us some serious irony?


Home of the UK Prime Minister.

Have they any idea of the power of words and images?