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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

You need to understand that it is impossible for “official statistics” to pull strongly in any direction, that to some degree is not be reflected in Mr. Williams’ work. That is a contraction in logic. Since what William does is accounting, using the early statistical models of the 70’s versus today’s revised and remodeled formulas, which seem to be constructed never to show anything but a boom of sorts. Between algos of all sorts and phony figures there is no market anymore. There is a casino where the odds only stack the house, and the individual investor has been ground to death. Prices are virtual and value is questionable or irrelevant.

– Troubled Economic Reporting in the Month or Two Ahead
– Benchmark-Revised Patterns of GDP Economic Activity Should Show a Softer 2007 Peak, a Deeper Collapse into 2009 and a Less-Robust Recovery, with Downgraded Growth in 2015 to 2017
– U.S. Trade-Balance Benchmark Revisions Indicated a Slower Economy and a Deeper Real Merchandise Trade Deficit than Before
– April Nominal Balance of Payments Deficit Improved in April 2018
– Consumer Liquidity Conditions Continued to Tighten, as Real Household Debt Contracted in First-Quarter 2018, while Slowing Annual Growth in Real Consumer Credit Intensified Sharply in April 2018

“No. 954: May 2018 Trade Deficit and Benchmark Revisions”