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Is 2018 the year that truth will finally matter?


…Maybe the government should look at the investing world’s thousands of Algo’s and ask the same damn question…Investors and Brokers have been saying this for years.


News Corp. Calls For Algorithm Review Board To Monitor For Potential Abuse
May 10, 2018

News Corp. used its third quarter investor call as a platform to continue its attack on the two dominant tech platforms whose outsized influence and practices are having a “deleterious effect” on journalism.

Chief Executive Robert Thomson expressed concern about the opaque role of algorithms, the secret, behind-the-scenes calculations that determine what information consumers see. He called for the creation of an Algorithm Review Board to monitor for abuse.

“These algorithms are already potent, but they are destined to be much more formidable, and their abundant potential to skew news and skewer customers needs to be better understood and monitored,” Thomson said. “And an Algorithm Review Board, or ARB, would be particularly useful in the oversight of companies, which have horizontal dominance, and use that leverage to dominate a vertical, such as Amazon with audiobooks and, potentially, Facebook with dating.”




It just might be that China is preparing for the re monetization of both gold and silver?




Perhaps the information below is worthy of your read and also worthy of some of your best contacts. On February 8, PBOC posted a reaffirmation of 61 1983-1984 rules and regulations on gold and silver. These rules are striking. They relate to restrictions on gold and silver export, pricing and many other items that throw back to reigning in non monetary gold.  Kevin

  1. Sixty-one rules and regulations, including Rules for implementing the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Gold and Silver (Yin Fa Zi No. 381 [1983]) (see Appendix 2) shall remain valid.

Governor Zhou Xiaochuan

February 8, 2018
Appendix 2

Catalogue of Currently Effective Rules and Regulations Made by the the People’s Bank of China

(61 Items)

  1. Rules for Implementing the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Gold and Silver (Yin Fa Zi No. 381 [1983])
  2. Administrative Rules on Taking Gold and Silver Into or Out of the People’s Republic of China (Yin Fa Zi No. 13 [1984])

Links to 1983 & 1984 laws

1983 law-

1984 law-