Hypersonic Weapons And Your Standard Of Living…? – Miles Franklin

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I spoke on this important topic during my recent interview and promised to make this subscription article public. These are some VERY important dots connected.


Hypersonic Weapons And Your Standard Of Living…?
March 16, 2018

Do you believe there is any coincidence the Russians first, followed by the Chinese … announced “hypersonic weapons”? I ask this question for several reasons and will come to a conclusion at the end but for now, with the rollout of the “petro-yuan” set for March 26 is there any coincidence we find out about these weapons now?

We were even offered proof over the weekend of successful tests. If that were not enough, what heck is this? Please take the two minutes to watch the video, these are seasoned Navy pilots who sound like 15 year old boys seeing their first naked woman! The point being, they have never seen ANYTHING even close to this, no one has. What exactly did they see? Was it a UFO? Some sort of alien technology? Or, was it exactly what the Russians and Chinese have claimed?

Defense News suggests the U.S. is also working on these same weapons and asks “will it be in time“? I would ask another question and maybe more to the point, can the U.S. afford to fund a project like this? The answer of course is yes (they can afford ANY thing today), but then another question arises. What does the additional spending do on the margin to a system already walking a fiscal tightrope? Please remember this …because I can guarantee you all Russians remember, the U.S. “spent” the Russians into bankruptcy in the late 1980’s with “Star Wars”. The Russians tried to keep up technologically and were bankrupted (with a little CIA help pressing on the ruble). The worm has now turned 180 degrees with the U.S. in precarious fiscal and monetary position …AND very little gold left. The Russians and Chinese as you know have been methodically accumulating gold for 10 years or now and most likely have three times what the U.S. supposedly has. They have not accumulated gold because it is pretty, they understand gold IS money…!