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Very interesting charts to give you some perspective. Courtesy of CIGA Werner.


The DJIA hasn’t moved since 1997 measured in gold. The SP500 hasn’t moved since 1962 measured in gold.



USA GDP still at 1960s level.


The housing market is at 1988 levels


The average production workers hourly wage is 1979 levels.


This explains how most people making $60,000 per year cannot provide as good a quality of life as their grandfather did earning $6,000. Nominally, they earn 10x as much, but they are earning dollars worth a mere fraction of the purchasing power of grandpa’s.


I would have been kicked out also after asking her to name a 3rd, 4th or more genders. It seems rather than pouring money down a rat hole, responsible parents today should forbid their children attending college and instead send them to a trade school where they can learn something real?




Another story about a kid being denied free speech at a US college. Some of these professors/schools are sure pushing an agenda.

CIGA Nancy

College Student Kicked Out Of Class For Telling Professor There Are Only Two Genders
March 12, 2018

A religious studies major was barred from Christianity class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania for saying during class that there are only two genders.

Lake Ingle, a senior at the university, said he was silenced and punished by IUP Professor Alison Downie for questioning her during a Feb. 28 “Christianity 481: Self, Sin, and Salvation” lecture.

After showing a 15-minute TED Talk by transgender ex-pastor Paula Stone Williams discussing the “reality” of “mansplaining,” “sexism from men,” and “male privilege,” the professor asked the women in the class to share their thoughts. When no women in the class said anything, Ingle spoke up, challenging the professor on biology and the gender wage gap.



You have to wonder what exactly goes through a troll’s mind?



America’s Troll Farm Media
March 9, 2018

Despite all the smoke and mirrors, most Americans seem to see where the stenographers of corporate capitalism are taking us. A recent Gallup poll found that while 84% of Americans see media as “critical” or “very important” to democracy, only 28% see the corporatist mainstream news media (MSM) as actually supporting democracy. They’re right on both counts of course. The quality of a democracy is only as good as the information people have to make informed judgements about public policy and politicians.

Even as the mainstream news media continue to lose street cred, they persist in a rumor-saturated full court press against the “Trump-Putin presidency,” which only further exposes their lack of professionalism and increasing vulgarity. MSM management and their boardroom bosses have long understood that as long as they spice up their “nothing burger” news, ratings and advertising rates will keep them in business and please their commercial and government clients. Tabloid journalism, which can describe most American mainstream media these days, even when wrapped up as “all the news that’s fit to print,” is in constant search of sensation, scandal, gossip, and profit – and only occasionally in public-oriented investigative integrity.