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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Here we go again with a 2007-2010 lookalike.

Fannie Needs First Bailout Aid Since 2012 After Tax-Cut Loss
February 14, 2018

(Bloomberg) — Fannie Mae (OTC:FNMA) will request an infusion of taxpayer money for the first time since 2012 because of an unintended but anticipated side effect of the corporate tax cut signed into law in December.

The mortgage-finance company, which reported fourth-quarter and full-year financial results on Wednesday, said it will need to draw $3.7 billion from the U.S. Treasury in March to keep its net worth from going negative.

The deficit was driven by a $6.5 billion loss in the fourth quarter, which came as a result of a drop in the value of assets Fannie can use to offset taxes. The assets became less valuable when Congress cut the corporate tax rate, resulting in a $9.9 billion hit.

Fannie Chief Executive Officer Timothy J. Mayopoulos said in a statement that the company’s underlying business was strong.

The loss and bailout is not so much a black eye for Fannie as it is for Congress and policy makers who for more than nine years have failed to determine the futures of Fannie and Freddie Mac.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Commentary from James Turk. I would remind you, gold (silver) made all time highs in 1980 with interest rates moving sharply higher. DO NOT fall for the “higher rates are bad for gold and silver” meme. And especially not from these ridiculously low interest rates!

James Turk – This Is What Really Triggered The Massive Spike In Gold & Silver Today
February 14, 2018

With gold and silver surging strongly, James Turk spoke with King World News about what really triggered the massive spike in gold and silver today.

Precious Metals Spike

February 14 (King World News) – James Turk: “Today was a very important day for gold and silver, Eric. The reaction in their prices to the CPI released earlier today provides us with some very valuable insight into the state of the precious metals market. And this insight is bullish for both precious metals…

The CPI number came in higher than expected, which shows that even by the government’s own calculation, inflation is worsening. And we all know that inflation is a lot higher than what the government reports, so the purchasing power of the dollar is being stealthily eroded even more than what is reported.

But there are two things that I found to be the really interesting about this CPI report.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

“Twin” Jong Un…the cops told him he was being held for his own safety. I have known many Koreans over the years through martial arts, the cops were telling him the truth!

TWIN JONG-UN Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Reveals He Was Dragged Out Of Winter Olympics By ‘Heavies’ After Dancing In Front Of ‘Shocked’ North Korea Cheerleaders
February 14, 2018

A KIM JONG-UN impersonator says he was dragged out of the Winter Olympics by “North Korean heavies” after turning up in character and dancing in front of regime cheerleaders.

Photos taken today show the lookalike – who is notorious for appearing at public events dressed as the despot – waving to the country’s cheerleader team at a united Korea hockey game against Japan.

Impersonator Howard today exclusively told The Sun: “I was actually late to the game. When I arrived, I went straight over to the North Korean cheerleaders and waving the flag and supporting them on and clapping.

“They looked really surprised and shocked. Some of them laughed, and got it, but most of them were totally shocked and I was told to sit down by a few heavies.

“After that a few heavies rushed over really p***ed off and I suspect they were North Korean delegates, just by the way they were dressed. I can’t confirm, but (they were) most likely North Korean.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

God bless her!

JimBill Holter’s Commentary

“Abuse”? I remember like it was yesterday bending over and grabbing my ankles for the paddle for my P.E. teacher… Can you imagine a paddle today? The teacher would be brought up on assault and battery charges. Maybe I am just getting too old…but I guarantee that kids gave way more respect back in the day when there were “consequences” for one’s actions! I can only wonder what this kid’s thoughts will be when markets close and food becomes difficult to obtain? Will he salute Colonel Sanders for a wing or a thigh? Or will he finally salute the flag as he willingly walks into a FEMA camp for 3 free squares a day?

Teacher Charged With Child Abuse, Allegedly Forced Boy To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance
February 13, 2018

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (CBS4) – A Boulder Valley School District teacher now faces child abuse and assault charges for allegedly forcing a child to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Karen Smith, a physical education teacher at Angevine Middle School in Lafayette, was placed on leave earlier this month.

Police say on Feb. 1, Smith grabbed a boy by his jacket, lifting him to his feet, and took him out of class.

A parent waiting to pick her child up at Angevine recently told CBS4 that her daughter knows Smith as a “strict” teacher but has never had an issue.

The school district released a new letter which was sent to parents on Tuesday:

Boulder Valley School District Statement

Today we learned that the Boulder County District Attorney’s office has formally charged Angevine Middle School Physical Education Teacher Karen Smith. Ms. Smith has served Boulder Valley School District for 20 years and is currently on paid administrative leave.