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Our friend Werner with some comic truth!



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Courtesy of JB.


Is the Steele Dossier Full of ‘Russian Dirt’ – or British?
February 9, 2018

With text messages between US Justice Department (DOJ) conspirators Peter Strzok and his adulterous main squeeze Lisa Page now revealing that then-President Barack Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing,” it now appears that the 2016 plot to subvert the rule of law and corrupt the US organs of state security for political purposes reached the very pinnacle of power. To call the United States today a “banana republic” increasingly may be seen as a gratuitous insult to the friendly spider-infested nations to our south.

Still, don’t expect to see Barry Hussein Saetoro doing the perp walk anytime soon or even being deported back to Kenya. Don’t expect to see orange prison suits on Strzok, Page, former FBI Director James Comey, former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and others implicated in putting a political thumb on the scales to, first, get Hillary Clinton elected, and then, when that failed, to neuter Donald Trump’s presidency with a phony Russiagate probe.

Officials’ getting “former-ed” is one thing, their getting prosecuted quite another. (Just imagine if a GOP administration had similarly skewed the supposedly non-political law enforcement and intelligence services for partisan reasons. We’d have Watergate on steroids. The New York Times, Washington Post and CNN would be calling for hanging, drawing, and quartering.)



Looks like a bullshit plan to me! Strictly political appeasement.

First, the government will fund only $200 billion, leaving $1.3 trillion on the backs of states and local governments which are already on verge of bankruptcy.

Second, of that $200 billion federal funding, almost all will come from cutting OTHER infrastructure plans. WTF?

Third, heard on Bloomberg that there will be proposed increases in gasoline taxes on all levels, making the interstate highway system a toll road, etc. TAXES TAXES TAXES.

Fourth, no funding to improve the Hudson River crossings (Holland and Lincoln tunnels and train service under river), where significant improvement is in dire need.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

White House Releases 55-Page, $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
February 12, 2018

Just like Trump promised during his State of the Union address late last month, the White House has released an infrastructure package Monday that hopes to raise $1.5 trillion to help rebuild American roads, bridges and airports.

Since the initial draft was leaked last month, Trump has raised his fundraising goal to $1.5 trillion from $1 trillion.

Most of the 55-page plan’s most salient details were leaked overnight.

At its core, the proposal will use the $200 billion, to be disbursed over a decade, as seed money to incentivize states, localities and the private sector to commit to spending the balance of the headline number…

It will also streamline the permitting process and improve training to get qualified workers ready to work on rural infrastructure projects…

However, Democrats have complained the plan relies too heavily on municipalities and states, and doesn’t provide enough federal funding to have much of an impact. Some have described it as a “bait-and-switch” since it’s unclear if the White House will be able to raise the headline number.


How to Recognize and Leave Behind Your Social Conditioning
February 11, 2018

Via The Daily Bell

Every decision humans make is colored by their past. Despite vast progress, we are still prey to the oldest tool of learning: social conditioning and the pressure of the group.

What was once a key to survival follows us into the modern age. It shapes our decisions, the careers we choose, and at times even forces us to act against our better judgment.

But we can break free and shape our own decisions. That is the gift of self-awareness. It begins with recognizing something most of us would rather discount; the effects of social conditioning.

Recognizing the prevalence of social conditioning within society and ourselves…

Real freedom from social conditioning begins with accepting and recognizing that we are influenced by social pressure.

A famous experiment into the effects of social pressure and conformity is the Asch experiment.

Solomon Asch, a social psychologist in the mid 20th century, set out to create an experiment that would test humanity’s propensity to conform to the group.