Insanity! (Preview)

Posted at 12:18 PM (CST) by & filed under Bill Holter.

There are many topics to write about today but I just had to shake my head this morning after listening to CNBC for less than 10 minutes. They had a guest on who said “as long as the central banks keep printing, a ‘finite’ amount of stocks and bonds will keep going up”. In essence he is saying that central banks have finally discovered the “holy grail” and can print our way to economic and financial nirvana!

Sorry but this has been tried many times before with the same results beginning with China’s “invention” of paper currency 100’s of years ago representing real monies gold and silver. Yes, to this point, printing has covered over all the pimples and moles but in the process we now have an EVERYTHING bubble…EXCEPT for gold and silver. The funny thing (not so much) is gold and silver are THE ONLY assets throughout all of history to “benefit” during each and every episode of man’s largesse…but this time it is different?

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