Why? Because Everything Is About Confidence! (Preview)

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We are now on day 13 (and hopefully the last!) of living with lawn chairs and eating standing up in a construction zone. It will be nice to have normality return though I look back and we probably should have cut the water and electricity off for some early practice?

I intended to write this last week but was interrupted by Bix Weir and Andy Hoffman jumping the rails. Bix has done a YouTube rebuttal to my article and latest interview with Sean at SGT where he “invited me” to a discussion so I might “learn something” regarding cryptos. I have replied to Bix and invited him and Clif High to come on Saturday’s discussion to debate “cryptos vs. gold”. We will make the discussion available publicly as we believe so much harm is being done to the unwashed and unthinking (for themselves). Please do not miss it!

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