Various, And None Of It "Normal" (Preview)

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You should know by now of the power consolidation in Saudi Arabia. What we don’t know for sure is which way King Salman and son will lean, East or West? It does look by the names arrested, the Saudis are leaning away from the Bush/Clinton/deep state as these were allies/business associates of those arrested.

Were the Saudi arrests in any way connected to the hundreds of sealed indictments issued in the U.S. (while our president was overseas)? This is a tough one because we do not know the names of those indicted. My gut tells me yes but we will have to see. I can tell you this, we certainly have a “coincidence” where Hillary broke her right toe and John McCain snapped his right Achilles tendon over the same weekend. They are both wearing “boots”, could they both also be wearing ankle bracelets? Nothing would please me more than to see right foot “boots” become an epidemic!

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