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CIGA Kevin with a heads up for us!



Amazon and GeoEngineering coming to a store near us.

Another wish list would be similar to FCC telling ATT to divest of CNN (which will quickly die) if it want approval to buy Time-Warner, but to have Amazon, Google, and FB be taken down a notch for their crimes on humanity.

Amazon has its own way to literally poison society where it no doubt plans to use this clever little high frequency microwave energy to both inventory its product as well as kill any viable nutrition in what it sells in its Amazon Go stores.

CIGA Kevin

Amazon Just Introduced The Grocery Store Of The Future
December 5, 2016

Amazon is already your go-to in the world of online shopping—seriously, can you even remember a world without Prime? So it should be no surprise then, that the site’s first big venture into brick-and-mortar retail is totally revolutionary: Amazon has introduced a brand new kind of grocery store that has no lines. In fact, it has no cash registers at all. In Amazon’s new grocery store concept, called Amazon Go, you can literally grab your food and walk out, no checkout required..

But how, you ask, can this possibly work? Upon entry to the location, shoppers will scan their Amazon Go app. Then, the app will use the same technology as self-driving cars—computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning—to keep track of what you’re picking up as you make your way through the store, and automatically place the item in your virtual shopping cart in the app. (If you change your mind about something you grabbed, the app will pick up on that too and automatically delete from your cart.) When you’re done, you just leave; Amazon just charges your card and emails you a receipt. It’s that easy.

To shop at the stores, which will all be a compact 1,800 square feet, you just need an Amazon account, the Amazon Go app, and a smartphone. According to their website, Amazon Go stores will sell everything from classic grocery staples to ready-made options, and they’ll feature both well-known and newer brands.