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Reality of what the media will soon forget. Apart from the agony and misery homeowners and their families face in Houston and now Florida in rebuilding their lives, they will not be ready consumers of frills in the economy which will continue for years. Normalization of the life they had will be a priority. And this will extend beyond local residents, especially in Florida.



On Repairing/Rebuilding 100,000+ Damaged Houses
September 10, 2017

Almost lost in all the dollar estimates of property damage is the human loss, suffering and stress.

I am not an expert in repairing flood damage, or in dealing with insurance companies, FEMA or all the other pieces that will go into homeowners getting the funding needed to repair or rebuild their homes.

But I do know a bit about construction after 44 years in the field, and I have been soberly reflecting on the many hurdles that face everyone involved in restoring / repairing tens of thousands of homes, more or less all at the same time.

Preliminary estimates set the number of flood-damaged homes in Houston at around 100,000. More recent estimates put the number at around 40,000.

No one yet knows how many homes in Florida have been damaged by Hurricane Irma, but the number will undoubtedly be a big one.