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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Please review the various articles that were written for you on “preparedness” for any extreme circumstance, both material or financial.

Hurricanes Irma, Jose And Katia Could All Hit Land This Weekend
September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma isn’t the only storm that’s roaring in the Atlantic.

Just as monstrous Category 4 Irma takes aim on Florida, with a predicted landfall early Sunday, Hurricane Jose has reached major hurricane status, while Katia is threatening to barrel into Mexico early Saturday.

Jose joined Irma in reaching 150 mph winds Friday, the first time on record the Atlantic has seen two storms that intense at same time.

Over the weekend, Jose could slam into some of the same Caribbean islands flattened by Irma just a few days ago, the National Hurricane Center said. 

A hurricane warning has been posted for Antigua and Barbuda as well as St.

Martin and Barthelemy. parts of which sustained catastrophic damage from Irma. Torrential rainfall from Jose could produce “life-threatening flooding” by Saturday across both islands. The British Virgin Islands are also in Jose’s path.

This is the first time in 7 years that three hurricanes have spun in the Atlantic Basin at the same time, according to Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Top religious and political leaders have traveled to Antarctica. It had nothing to do with climate change.

What was Pope Francis doing in the most inhospitable places on the planet? It could be that these trips are fully explained in the Bible.

Unknown Species May Thrive In Antarctic Caves
September 8, 2017

Animals and plants may be living in warm caves under Antarctica’s ice, according to a study.

Australian researchers said that Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Antarctica’s Ross Island, is surrounded by caves hollowed out in the ice by steam.

Soil samples retrieved from the caves have revealed intriguing traces of DNA from mosses, algae and small animals.

The research has been published in the journal Polar Biology.

“It can be really warm inside the caves – up to 25C in some caves. You could wear a T-shirt in there and be pretty comfortable,” said co-author Dr Ceridwen Fraser, from the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

“There’s light near the cave mouths, and light filters deeper into some caves where the overlying ice is thin.”

Dr Fraser said that most of the DNA resembles that found in plants and animals from the rest of Antarctica. But that some sequences couldn’t be fully identified.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Normally we take everything said here as talking their own position, but still, interesting.

Physical Gold In Vault Is “True Hedge of Last Resort” – Goldman Sachs
September 6, 2017

What’s increasing the demand for gold? Is it Kim Jon-Un’s calls for nuclear war? Trump’s tough tweets on government and trade and unleashing “fire and fury” on North Korea? The threat of World War III?

Possibly not, according to Jeff Currie of Goldman Sachs. This is more to do with the market mechanics underlying such events.

Currie released a note arguing that gold’s strong performance of late is less to do with the current perceived risk in the geopolitical sphere and instead from the currency debasement that arises from central banks printing money.

In light of this, investors should be buying up gold. Goldman’s Currie refers to gold as the ‘geopolitical hedge of the last resort’. This is the case ‘if the geopolitical event is extreme enough that it leads to some sort of currency debasement’ and especially so ‘ if the gold price move is much sharper than the move in real rates or the dollar.’

Read on to see in exactly what form Currie believes you should be investing in gold.

It has become too easy to pin gains on geopolitics

As we have repeatedly pointed out, the gold price jumps following events such as North Korea testing missiles or Hurricane Harvey or a declaration from Trump. However these jumps are not frequently sustainable.

What is going on in the U.S. and global markets and economy which really provides long-term support for the every-strengthening gold price.


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Guess who is about to abandon the US dollar totally which means another body blow for the Petro Dollar. Military action to follow?

Trump’s Talk of ‘Military Option’ in Venezuela May Bolster Maduro’s Hand
August 12, 2017

The thought of military intervention in Venezuela probably took many Americans by surprise when it was floated on Friday by President Trump. But in Venezuela, it was a threat that would have sounded familiar, as if the words had been scripted by the government itself.

For years, Venezuela’s leaders have warned of an impending danger from the United States. They claimed American spy planes were flying close to the border. They said United States diplomats had assassination plans for Venezuelan leaders. And at times of domestic crisis, the country’s top officials have said that Washington is planning to invade.

Few besides the most fervent government loyalists ever saw truth in the plots. But Mr. Trump’s suggestion that he was considering a “military option” to deal with the crisis in Venezuela may well breathe life into some of the government’s more wild claims.

“Maduro’s theory of war will be much more concrete and believable,” said David Smilde, an analyst at the Washington Office on Latin America, referring to Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s leftist president. “This will undoubtedly galvanize his coalition.”

Mr. Trump, speaking with reporters on Friday after a meeting with Rex W. Tillerson, the secretary of state, said for the first time that he might use the American military to intervene in Venezuela’s deepening unrest, which has left more than 120 dead this year.

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