An Update From Bill

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Kathryn and I are returned from our recent trip, my surgery will be Monday at O:dark early. For the first time in years I went several 24 hour periods staying off the internet and two 48 hour stints …without the slightest withdrawal symptoms. Rest assured your e-mails with comments and questions were all read, but few if any were answered as I needed some down time. Many have sent well wishes and prayers, I appreciate the well wishes and welcome ALL prayers!

Our weekly recording for subscribers will be done over the weekend and posted as will one premium article prior to Monday. Next week’s commentary will depend on the speed of recovery and clarity of thought during the recovery.

The most blatant stupidity while we were away has to be the attempt to erase …and rewrite American history. While they are at it, why not “erase” the value of those pieces of paper with the evil slave owning dead presidents on them? This will happen with or without seditious help. If you cannot see this as a coup attempt, please awaken. One topic for this weekend’s work.