You Can Look Stupid Now or Look Stupid Later-Chris Martenson

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May 28, 2017

Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says, “I’d rather look stupid now than look stupid later.” Martenson thinks the stock market rise since the last crash is mostly manufactured by central banks. Martenson explains, “What in the heck is going on is real simple. We have central banks who have now taken over everything in the markets. Let’s be clear, markets go up when they are really well supplied with liquidity. We have $200 billion or more a month coming into these markets . . . these central banks are dumping $200 billion, sometimes as much as $250 billion a month into the markets.”

Martenson thinks what the central bankers are doing will not go on forever. Martenson contends, “The mantra of the entire system in D.C. and Wall Street has been let’s just borrow more. Let’s just kick the can down the road. I don’t know when that ends or when that breaks, but it’s mathematically impossible that this all gets paid off at this point. So, the question remains, who’s going to eat the losses? In times past, the banks have been very good at heads they win and tails you lose or we lose. . . . I think this ends badly because it’s very, very unfair. That unfairness will bring social consequences. People are primates, and we don’t like unfair. . . . That level of injustice is building. If you don’t understand that base level of injustice, you don’t really understand why Trump got elected. You don’t understand why populism is rising all over the globe. It’s because “We the People” are starting to figure this out. It’s a scam, and if it looks and smells like a fraud, it’s a fraud. The markets are highly fraudulent at this point. They’re very, very rigged.”