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Your posting today, in response to a note from GG is mind boggling!

You said the Free Gold school of thought states that “gold is not an alternative currency, but a storehouse is value.”

I’ll bet my bottom dollar that very few people understand this differentiation. It’s so simple, it tends to fly right by you.

We have been so indoctrinated to believe that gold is mainly a currency, that we forget its function of storing value; protecting your wealth. That is something bitcoin (an alternative currency) cannot do.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech


Is this crazy conspiracy theorist stuff or is it real? Robert’s information below piqued my interest because this story appeared on Drudgereport this morning. Again I ask, is it conspiracy theory stuff or is it real? Based on how our world is currently turning, I would bet it is as real as a heart attack!




“As reported by Susan Bonath, independent investigative journalist, working as a regular contributor for the German Die Junge Welt (The Youth World) – something horrendous is emerging in a small north-eastern town of Germany’s landlocked Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt. In one of Europe’s most modern military training camps, an entire ghost town is being built at the tune of several hundred billion euros. Most of the German (or European) tax-payers have never heard of it. By 2018 the facility will be ready for troop training to fight European citizens in European cities, should they dare to go on the barricades against the atrocities of their leaders and oligarchs.”

This a scary action. As the Euro crumbles in it’s failed experiment will we see Europeans at the barricades as a renewal in blood takes place. Whatever happens one might think twice about European investments or holidays in times to come.



CIGA Robert