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Courtesy of CIGA Gijsbert. Kim Il-Trump! (Posted for it’s comedic value.)


Dear Wolfgang,

You are the most optimistic of those that really get it. What future?




We’re looking at the future, and at the risk of appearing “archaic” in my thinking, the outlook is bleak!

Retail will become an anachronism. As will the workforce.

In German, there’s a word for the likes of Amazon…..” Allesfresser” (one who eats and devours everything).

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Amazon: Engulfing Everything
April 17, 2017

Just Saying…

Looking for the trade based on some Amazon Ruminations. All because I saw this.

Behold the Amazon Angie List Killer.

Amazon observations last night:


Sears reinvented for century 21? Catalogue business in reverse?