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Updated March 31, 2017:

Dear Jim, 

You posted an article yesterday suggesting the “bullish sentiment” in silver argues for a correction. This may be true and we may correct lower but I would suggest as you have, the time to buy is when you have the cash. 



Extremely Important Update For Silver Traders And Investors
March 29, 2017

With the price of silver recently breaking back above $18, here is an extremely important update for silver traders and investors…

High optimism in silver

From Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader: The Optimism Index on silver has climbed above 70, which has been a warning sign in recent years (see chart below).


Since the bull market peaked in 2011, there have been 34 days when the Optimism Index exceeded 70. Over the next 30 days, silver showed a positive return after only 1 of those days, and the gain was only 0.3%. Its median return during the next 30 days was -5.9%, with risk of -7.9% and reward of +1.7%…