Unprecedented Times!

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While I had not planned on writing until next week, current events warrant commentary. This past week has been an absolute embarrassment for the U.S. The actions taken by Mr. Obama are unprecedented for any outgoing president. Thousands of pages of executive orders, land grabs, multiple accusations against Russia and of course throwing Russian diplomats out and the placing of new sanctions.

It is crystal clear Obama is trying his best to sabotage Mr. Trump’s presidency, whether he starts World War III in the process is the obvious danger. The next three weeks may be the most dangerous three weeks in our planet’s history as the “launch codes” are in the hands of someone obviously not thinking correctly. Most all of the hurdles and traps being laid by Obama can be corrected, altered or abolished. I would imagine the easiest way to do this would be to investigate and prove that Obama is not a natural born citizen and thus never eligible to sit in the office of U.S. President. If this avenue is pursued (I truly hope it will be), anything signed by Obama’s pen would then be null and void. The ramifications could be far reaching and include all sorts of appointments including federal judges.

The one draconian act which cannot be reversed as I see it is the UN vote recognizing Palestinian land. The U.S. did not veto the vote which every previous president has done. I do not see a remedy for this as the vote was 14-0 with the U.S. abstaining and not using our veto power. This vote truly looks like it was brokered by Mr. Obama, one of his few well thought out dangerous acts. The situation with Israel and the Middle East will now be altered permanently unless I am missing something?

The question of whether Mr. Trump is a Trojan horse or not should be answered almost immediately after the inauguration. I personally believe (and truly hope) Mr. Trump is real and does care about the United States as a nation. One area I am skeptical of is Congress. It is not clear to me whether or not both houses will do what the American people put them in office to do. It is very possible the republicans try to obstruct Mr. Trump’s nationalist/populist policy with their own bought and paid for globalist policy. It is 100% clear to me the takedown of the U.S. (from within) has been the plan for many years. I do not believe Mr. Trump was any part of “the plan” but we will soon find out.

We may even find out on January 6th as Congress counts the electoral votes. They do have a Constitutional avenue to still rebuff the vote and make their own choice. I do not believe this will be done as riots will follow with Congressman hanging from lampposts across the nation. Rather, I do believe it’s a good possibility the republican Congress will be obstructionist in subtle if not outward ways.

Folks, do not let your guard down. The next three weeks are certainly scary, any number of false flags could be unleashed. At least the previous efforts to spread bogus news have not worked as the evidence has not existed and the American people (for the most part) have seen through it. These are unprecedented times in every fashion, the “normal” we as Americans used to know will unfortunately never return during our lifetimes. Stay focused, whether you know it or not yet, we are at war!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter

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