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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Further election update by Dr. Dave. I’m pretty sure the “Russians” can’t be blamed for this but who knows?


A quick heads up on the Michigan recount: we are in hand to hand combat with the globalists & the war is being won by The Freedom fighters. At COBO Hall in Detroit tonight guess what happened: Hillary/Stein/Obama/Soros/DNC took a huge hit.

Detroit was won on election night by Hillary by tens of thousands of votes BUT tonight Only 50 ballots were found in a Detroit precinct box sealed & certified as having 306. …. and that finding was the norm and NOT the exception when box after box was opened. The Mich. AG has been contacted by Senator Pat Colbeck to institute a criminal investigation. He outed the corruption earlier today on The Senate floor in Michigan. Earlier in the day this story surfaced:


I believe this is the same model instituted in a number of other cities around the country. The bastards are on the ropes!