Horse talk

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This story says “Horses communicate with humans”. Really? Did they think it was just a 1,200 pound animal without any thoughts? Probably a good idea to understand “what” your horse is saying to you because if he is pissed for any reason and you do not know it, very bad things can happen! Of course I had to read the article but have to call BS on it right out of the gate. If they really wanted to do what was best for the horse they would let them be horses. A horse blanket? Horses DO NOT need blankets, how did they survive before man? Horses grow a winter coat and unless some idiot puts a blanket on them (which will rub off the winter hair), the horse will be fine! My farrier is 75 years old and worked in North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming for many years, he told me he never saw a horse “freeze to death”. (He did however see one horse suffocate because of an ice storm that froze its nostrils shut). If you blanket a horse once or twice …you must do so for the rest of the winter because you have thinned out the coat. Yes I know, “my poor baby is cold and I want to keep him warm” …let the horse be a horse! Related, a general rule of thumb is to watch “how much” and how thick your horses early winter coat grows in …a very good indicator as to how cold your winter will be.

A short video of man and horse “communicating”.