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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Two great minds telling it like it is!

The Myth Of ‘Morning In America’—–How The Public Debt Went From $1 Trillion to $35 Trillion in Four Decades, Part 1
September 2, 2016

………One of the great virtues of the Trump candidacy is The Donald’s propensity to lob wild pitches—knowingly or not—at the sacred cows of Imperial Washington, thereby exposing the tissue of hypocrisy and can’t, which surrounds them.

But within the herd of revered ruminants none is slathered in more hypocrisy than the federal budget and official Washington’s unctuous professions of devotion to safeguarding the “full faith and credit of the United States.”

The truth of the matter, of course, is that our rulers have been marching the nation’s fiscal accounts straight toward national bankruptcy for the last 35 years, at least. And since the arrival of Ben Bernanke at the Fed, Washington’s actual policy with respect to the nation’s “credit” has been to debauch it.