There Is No Rule Of Law Either…

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Dear CIGAs,

I finished my last writing with the question “will we still have the rule of law?” and commented what a can of worms this topic is. While I knew the question of the rule of law would certainly come up later this year, I had no idea how quickly! Normally forensic logic is a process of “connecting dots”, in this instance the “dots” are more like one giant blob of crap covering the page entirely. On many previous occasions we have seen election fraud, market riggings and bogus economic reports, the corruption is now no longer contained or done in secret… it is done in public. Maybe so the public can “see it”? Let’s take a look at “law”.

We have heard stories where the police are confiscating cash during traffic stops where the driver/passenger then has to prove “how or where” they got the money. In many cases, even after proof is delivered …the money is not returned. We also have recently seen where Oklahoma troopers/officers have technology to swipe debit cards and clear balances because “you might buy drugs or commit a crime” with that cash. Does this scare you? It should!

A week or so back, we heard of Bill Clinton meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac. Within a week, James Comey (who turns out to have many past trails crossing the Clinton’s path) recommended no charges for Hillary’s mishandling of classified information. This was the ultimate George Carlin joke, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”! The average Joe now knows because he has seen with his own eyes, the law does not pertain to the elite …but it and then some does pertain to you. While on the subject of public servants, I believe the breakdown in the rule of law truly reared its ugly head upon the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. How is it possible that an autopsy was mandatory for “Prince” but not for a Supreme Court Justice? Another public servant, Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg recently badmouthed Donald Trump in a very public fashion. “Impartiality”?

Of course we have seen some bad shootings. Two recently where blacks were shot and killed by police, which in turn was followed by police being shot or shot at in Georgia, Tennessee and Dallas. (Where was the media for LaVoy Finicum?). Next up will apparently be this Friday as information has surfaced that a list of protests will occur in three dozen major U.S. cities. There are also rumors of more than 10,000 being bussed in to protest the Republican convention for what is being called the “summer of chaos”. This, courtesy of the globalists and of course George Soros.

The rule of law has not solely been repealed within the U.S.. The world court in Hague recently ruled the Chinese have no claim to occupied islands To this I was quite surprised because many rulings and treaties after WWII clearly void Japanese claim to any and all of them. Now we will wait to see how this progresses. I would assume the Chinese will take the attitude of ignoring the ruling entirely with a stance of “we are here, come and take it”. Mr. Putin has and is clearly preparing to stand with China. No matter what happens, it cannot be good. It will either be war, or the U.S. loses more face and credibility. Because this ruling will force action, it is no doubt a step forward in strength and resolve by China and a step backward for the U.S..

The important thing to take from this writing is the fact that the previous “de facto” lack of law has now become “public” and in your face REAL! The mayor of Atlanta even mentioned the “National Guard” in passing yesterday. Please understand this, once the National Guard is called out anywhere …they will be called out everywhere. What was unthinkable will become the new normal. This will be your beginning to martial law which will sweep the country very rapidly.

I have said all year long, I believed the odds of having a November election were slightly less than a coin flip. I will now update that as I believe the odds have risen to somewhere between 65-70% …no election. Am I wrong? I believe we will very soon see. We will see the aftermath of protests this coming Saturday morning and also see whether or not the Republican convention is completed.

I know that many are very opposed to “guns” and believe the world would be a safer place without them, I personally do not understand the logic. I would only point out, there are no atheists in a foxhole and no anti-gun advocates when there are no police and you are the only one without a gun. The rule of law has and is breaking down …and doing so in very public fashion. We are facing societal breakdown right in the face and unfortunately this will play right into globalist hands. You see, the mass of “helpless” will BEG for safety and security in lieu of liberty. For years “safety and security” have been offered in the place of liberty. The next six months are extremely crucial for the direction of our country and the world. Sadly, for many it will mean a choice between liberty and death …”safety be damned’!

Standing watch, locked and loaded.

Bill Holter
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