The Truth Bomb

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Dear CIGAs,

My commentary this week will be spotty as I am travelling.  As my available time to write is limited, below is a comment from reader “J.H.” in regards to the theory of a “truth bomb” being released by Mr. Putin.  My comments will follow:

“Bill, just a thought.

On several occasions you have indicated that at some point Russia (Putin) would be dropping a Truth Bomb aimed at the US.

In light of the recent Russian actions in Syria I would submit that he has just done such.

Let’s look back to last week when Putin addressed the United Nations. He spent some time talking about the Syrian conflict, the Mideast instability and the fallout now enveloping Europe. He put much of the blame on the Western powers and particularly singled out America and implied it’s lack of leadership, motives,  nor decisive actions as a root cause. At one point in the speech Putin asked “Do you realize now what you’ve done?” In doing this he asked America directly and Barack Obama specifically, for all the world to hear?  

Now fast forward to today and what has occurred since the conclusion of Putin’s UN speech. Within days Russia moved in advanced weaponry and  planes. Russia also secured directly or indirectly backing by Iran, China and to the dismay of the US, Iraq in their limited fashion began to take the initiative to strike back at the ISIS faction.

We have seen the initiation of bombing sorties en mass. We have learned that one of the key targets on day one was a ISIS command bunker located in country . A command center that apparently the US was not aware of or just ignored! We are hearing reports that ISIS is incurring significant collateral damage – all in a matter of days. Now if Putin’s actions results in a significant reduction of ISIS advancement, and or their retreat (again) just in a short period of time; how will this reflect on US initiative and motives?

Compare this to the limited sorties backed by the US. Bombing of insignificant targets, let alone a command bunker. The delivery of inferior equipment to the Kurds. Supply drops meant for  those fighting against ISIS missing their target and falling into ISIS hands. Spending millions (probably more like billions)  arming “moderate terrorist! The clown brigade goes on.

If one does not think that the world is watching and taking notes they are mistaken! So my suggestion is that Putin did drop a Truth Bomb at the UN in a diplomatic fashion and is backing up his accusations with actions ( to our liking or not).”  J.H.

The above in my opinion is close to spot on but only the beginning of some very stark “truths” about to come public.  What is occurring in the Middle East (and hardly being reported on by our bought and biased media) is quite simple, the U.S. is being KICKED OUT!  Russia has taken the bull by the horns and within less than a week knocked the crap out of ISIS …which is what we should have done …but have not because “truth” be known, our intelligence agency has funded part of ISIS. THIS is exactly what Mr. Putin was alluding to when he said “we know everything.”

Yes I understand he was answering a question regarding the Ukraine “coup” when he made this statement of knowing everything …but I do believe he meant EVERYTHING!  Russia, now being joined by China is exposing the lack of control and thus POWER in the Middle East by the U.S..  The “flows” of capital which have supported the petrodollar all these years will soon be “crimped”.  I believe next we should watch to see if anything significantly changes in the Ukraine.  Does Russia become more forceful or does U.S. support of western Ukraine lessen?

Ultimately I believe the “big one” will be dropped at a most inopportune time.  In my opinion, Western markets will be shortly moving toward seizure mode, it is my expectation they will receive a little added nudge.  Can you imagine if while western markets are convulsing in currency, credit and equity markets, Mr. Putin makes “crazy” accusations of outright frauds and false flag events committed by the U.S.?  Worse, what if he actually backs these allegations with proof?  Or incontrovertible proof? 

To ask the obvious, what if Mr. Putin, joined and backed by the Chinese were to come out with “proof” of U.S. dirty doings at the same time he pushes further militarily in the Middle East, Ukraine, or politically in the Koreas, Europe or elsewhere?  Will the American people remain asleep or will they finally wake up and say “NO MORE!”?  This is a very important question because I do believe the American people still, deep down have a sense of right and wrong even if our leaders do not.  Will the populace suddenly lose the stomach to support global bullying tactics because the release of a “truth bomb”? 

Of course the other side of the coin is the U.S. will not have the ability to war (other than pushing buttons) if the dollar were to suddenly fail on a global basis because confidence collapses.  It is this confidence collapse in my opinion which is hoped for by Russia (and the Chinese) as a way to avert outright war and aggression.  It is however pretty clear at this point, Russia is moving and the U.S. is not.  Mr. Putin has been sending a very clear message over the last week, they will be pushed no more and they have taken the gloves off.  “Truth” I believe is a weapon included in his arsenal!

Standing watch,

Bill Holter
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