Exhaustion… Be careful what you wish for

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Dear CIGAs,

Doom and gloom “porn”, this is the new troll term to describe the realities being described by those who use math and pure logic to derive conclusions.  What other conclusions can one come to than “it’s been a great ride but it’s nearly over”?  We are only a week away from the Fed meeting where interest rates may come off of “zero” (I dare them).  Just reported was an unemployment rate at 5.1% …while 47 million Americans are on food assistance.  Totally “unexpected” was the chemical “explosion of the week” in China Another Chinese Chemical Plant Explodes, Huge Clouds Of Black Smoke Billow Skyward.

I ask, what happens when you raise interest rates on a wobbly creditor (system) living day to day shuffling funds around just to settle?  What happens when one of these well known creditors cannot and do not “settle”?  I am talking of course about derivatives.  You know, those wonderful contracts that allow creditors (even entire countries like Greece, Italy etc.) to hide true debt because they are “insured”.  What happens when the insurance does not pay or the insurer goes broke?

As for unemployment, how can nearly 15% of your population eat on food assistance while the country is at or near “full employment”?  Does anyone, even for a moment believe the country is at full employment?  How does a country survive when more than half the population “gets” while the other, less than half “gives”.  All of these social programs may have been noble in their infancy.  Now they are used and abused as a “way of life”.  The only problem is the unsustainable nature means there is an end date … an “exhaustion” so to speak!

As for most recent and “coincidental” chemical explosion in China, why now?  Why didn’t they have lots of explosions along the way to their industrialization?  Have they forgotten safety measures, just now?  I do want to point out if these are not “accidents”, more “accidents” will occur in the West.

I could of course write 24/7 for a month or more on what has gone wrong and what is unsustainable.  The point of this writing is not to give you new information or dots to connect.  The dots have been identified and connected by many in what is termed the “alternative media”.  Is common sense logic and truth actually “doom porn” for sensationalism or is it getting out because for some, truth still matters?  In my opinion truth doesn’t “still matter”, it is ALL that matters and WILL matter.

I write this to tell you “be careful what you wish for”.  I receive several hundred e-mails each day.  Some are nuts, a few are trolls, some are well intentioned but uninformed, some are inquisitive and others demanding.  The one response that seems to be standing out and growing are of the “I just want to get it over” type.  I understand this and sometimes I feel the same way.  It is a feeling of exhaustion while waiting for the exhaustion to happen!  The problem with this is we are wishing for a “crashed” standard of living.  Our current standard of living has been on borrowed money and is on borrowed time, I have to say it’s really been fun while it lasted!

Why do I write this now?  It is safe to say, if you look around it is obvious.  The computer algorithms have taken over, the little guy is long gone and we watch as volatility increases with volume continually decreasing …THE classic sign of exhaustion.   Markets all over the world have unsettled and the carefully choreographed stability is being shaken.  Debt, which the entire system has been built on has now come front and center with skepticism.  Central banks far and wide (including The Fed) are having their “omnipotence” questioned …and thus so are their issued currencies. 

Many of you have heard of or read the “Shemitah” http://usawatchdog.com/great-shaking-and-collapse-is-coming-jonathan-cahn/ seven year cycle ends next Saturday September 13th.  Some believe it while others do not.  Going back every seven years, 2008, 2001, 1994, 1987, 1980, 1973 ..etc. does show some very large and in some cases life changing inflection points.  In fact, if we go back 10 seven year cycles, it was the end of WW II, 1945.  I might add, this was the dawn of the American dominance of finance kicked off with Bretton Woods cementing the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Some believe in this seven year cycle while others do not.  I believe with my own eyes and sense of history the world has been changed by something or some event each and every seven years.  Some believe in God and his written word The Bible, while others do not.  The Shemitah is Biblical and the seven year cycle is identified several times in The Bible.  I am a Christian and thus believe the cycle exists because the Bible says it does, it does not hurt that I can observe this personally.

While not trying to turn this into a God “blog”, I would urge anyone with a religious belief to get your spiritual house in order.  No matter what or who your own personal God is, it is quite clear something very big and very bad is about to occur.  Whether you have religious belief or not, you must prepare physically for what is coming, this much is obvious.  If it is not obvious to you, I am quite sorry as many good and well intentioned people have been trying for years to show you how, what and why this final debt exhaustion would occur.  I will end with this piece of advice.  Life is not a dress rehearsal and there are no do overs in life.  You must not be one second too late in any of your preparations whether they be physical, mental or spiritual.  The exhaustion of nearly every facet of our known way of life is upon us!

Standing watch,

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