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Ukraine Update: Not Quiet on the Eastern Front; Sanitized US News; Wakeup Call From Poland

Over the last two days in Ukraine, there have been four prominent killings. On Wednesday, it was former member of Parliament from the Regions Party, leader of the All-Ukrainian Officers’ Union, and one of the founders of the AntiMaidan, Oleg Kalashnikov. On Thursday, it was journalist Sergei Sukhobok, one of the founders of the ProUA and Obkom websites. That same day, former editor of the major newspaper Segodnia, well-known journalist Oles’ Buzina, was shot dead in his own backyard; and the body of editor-in-chief of the Netishinskii Herald, Olga Moroz, was found dead in her apartment, bearing signs of a violent death.

Three journalists in one day. Four political figures in 24 hours. Where is the human rights crowd? Where is the international community? Where are the declarations of Merkel, Obama, Cameron, etc.? Where is the wave of indignation from the Western press? Where?