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As I see it…

Russia and China have a 3 prong game plan for global economic dominance. It must be done “under the radar” and is being duly executed so.

1. Cornering the market on physical gold and silver, thereby denying the Western Powers access to these backstop support vehicles when the time comes to halt any currency crisis.

2. Eliminating the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, putting the Dollar and Western nations in the crosshairs of a massive inflationary spiral.

3. Establishing themselves as a dominant global force in the resource arena. Russia developing massive oil and nat. gas resources, China developing mineral and gold resources, and China establishing a foothold in Africa to develop the abundance of resources prevalent on that continent.

This is why you hear so little of gold and silver holdings, changes in dollar holdings, and natural resource accumulation by these 2 powerhouse nations.

He who holds physical (gold, silver, resources, etc.) dominates.

Just my opinion,
CIGA Wolfgang

Dear Wolfgang,

Your opinion is profoundly correct. It is right in front of those that are called experts, yet they are blind to it.

What is left of our military command, many having been forced into retirement, are blind to it. Wall Street would call it heresy.

It is truth!




German populace is now getting on board. Buying gold coins and creating a shortage. The scent of Weimar is getting stronger.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

German Euro Sceptic Party Sells €1.6 Million of Gold Bullion In Two Weeks
By Mark O’Byrne

Disillusionment with Europe’s single currency continues to grow with the cracks beginning to show in it’s heartland, Germany, where the third largest political party is now selling gold coins and bars to raise funds.

In a poll in September Alternative for Germany (AfD) were found to be Germany’s third most popular party. The rise of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party saw it receive 10.6% of the vote in Thuringia and 12.2% in Brandenburg on 14 September. Two weeks earlier it secured its first regional government seats in Saxony.

AfD are not anti-EU per se and have distanced themselves from other eurosceptic parties. They see a future for Germany in the EU and embrace common markets but wish to see the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the euro itself wound up and a return to the Deutschmark.

In the past two weeks, in a bid to gain as much state funding as possible they have entered the gold bullion market with quite a degree of success. In Germany, the federal government will match, up to a value of €5 million, any funds raised privately by a political party. In a bid to get the full allocation of state funding, AfD have started to sell gold bullion online.