Stockman – Terrifying Financial & Economic Volcano & Ukraine

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Dear CIGAs,

Today David Stockman spoke with King World News about the escalating crisis in Ukraine, gold, and a terrifying “financial and economic volcano.”  KWN takes Stockman’s warnings very seriously because he is the man former President Reagan called on in 1981, during that crisis, to become Director of the Office of Management and Budget and help save the United States from collapse.  Below is what Stockman had to say in part I of a series of powerful interviews that will be released today.

Eric King:  “David, gold is up $20 today and I couldn’t help but notice that the U.S. Dollar Index is beginning to lose its grip on the 80 level — we’ve fallen to 79.5 on that index.”

Stockman:  “I think there is a lot of insanity loose in the world, particularly in Ukraine.  What the U.S. government and the Western European capitals are doing is stupid and dangerous….