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Retail worldwide is crumbling. I know as that is my field and the bullshit numbers coming from the US are hiding the fact of how truly bad it is here.

CIGA David M.

Italian Families’ Spent 11% Less On Christmas Gifts In 2013
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/26/2013 – 08:53

According to pundits, 2012 was the worst year for the Eurozone’s peripheral economies, only worse than the just as tumultuous 2011, while 2013 was – if only listens to Europe’s propaganda masters – a year of recovery thanks to the ECB’s "whatever it takes" mentality. Which fails to explain why families in recession-battered Italy spent 11.4% less on gifts this Christmas than last year and one in five households did without presents completely, according to the consumers’ group Federconsumatori estimated on Thursday.


Dear Jim,

It gets worse day by day. Now it looks like Max Keiser is talking about the NSA manipulating bank balances and confiscating money.

More and more evidence to support GOTS.


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