The GOTS Checklist

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Dear CIGAs,

For your convenience, here is the GOTS check list.

1. Your equities are held in certificate form. 
2. You have no Federal retirement funds. 
3. You have no CDs and investments in bonds. 
4. You have modest money deposited among selected BRICs countries. 
5. You store your own precious metals. 
6. You have no mortgage obligations. 
7. You keep cash on hand for 6 months expenses.
8. You have no consumer debt at all. 
9. You have a small hobby farm for protein and veggies outside of where you are living with no mortgage debt, set up green. 
10. You have a gas, diesel or electric car with high fuel mileage for the farm. 
11. You have a generator with large fuel capacity for the farm.