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The trouble with T-bills is they just keep multiplying.

CIGA Chicken Little



What a “pure” and “simple” thought! I like Europe because it’s not the US.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech


A little jaded but reasonable under present financial leadership.


‘I like Europe because it’s not the US’: Analyst
By Bruno J. Navarro | CNBC

The recent budget conflagration in Washington has pushed investors to put money to work elsewhere, UBS’ Paul Richards said Thursday.

"If that’s the best that they can give us, that’s not a deal in my view," said Richards, head of UBS FX Distribution for North America. "I think we get about a five- to six-week window of a domestic recovery here in terms of stocks and bonds in theU.S., but you will not get foreign participation there. Absolutely disgusted with this outcome."