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The question of which  particular bank will survive the Great Leveling is difficult to answer but what is certain is that we must act in accordance with the Jim’s GOTS strategy to the fullest extent possible, according to our personal circumstances. The future for the currency system is , as  Jim has previously advised, a new virtual reserve currency made up of the US$, the Euro, the Yen, the Renimbi and gold which will be the keystone of what Jim has called the Great Reset. The inclusion of gold in that process is inevitable and is the main reason why a prudent investor should continue to have substantial exposure to gold and gold related items. Whilst gold is currently the subject of a successful manipulation in price you should ask yourself why China purchased more than 270 tons of gold in August this year and is on course to purchase more than 1000 tons for the year. These purchases are not a trade or a speculation, they are made in the knowledge that gold is going to assume a position of preeminence as the currency of choice. You and your clients would be best served to ask why they own gold and along with an understanding of the Great Reset they could rest easily knowing that in the long term they have bought insurance and an opportunity to profit greatly when gold becomes a part of the new reserve currency.


Peter Mickelberg
Communications Consultant