David Stockman – The Crisis Today Is Far Worse Than 1981

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Dear CIGAs,

Today David Stockman spoke with King World News about the monumental crisis now facing the United States and the rest of the world.  He also discussed how the disaster today is far worse than we what he, Paul Volcker, and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts faced in the 1981 time frame.  Stockman (pictured above) is the man former President Reagan called on in 1981, during that crisis, to become Director of the Office of Management and Budget.  Stockman also spoke about what the coming chaos will mean for gold as well as other major markets.  Below is what Stockman had to say in the second of a series of powerful interviews that have now been released on KWN.

Eric King:  “This disaster that you’ve described, how will it be different than what we went through in the 1970s, when inflation was roaring and gold went up 25-fold?”

Stockman:  “There was a different issue then (during the 1970s crisis).  (Today) this central banking disaster is not only a United States problem — it has spread to the entire world.  All of the central banks are doing the same thing….