Rumor and MOPE Control

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Dear CIGAs,

1. The operative praise today is "How goes Wal-Mart consumers, so goes the American economy."

2. So goes a reporting period in the jobs markets simply representing more adjusted to the dickens and therefore worthless statistics.

3. John Williams’ is worth more than 1000 Bureau of Statistics.

4. All of Arab Spring is a total disaster for the West and was from day #1.

5. The gold market bottom price is firmly in.

6. There is a good year coming for all things precious.

7. Gold will see new highs before this rally we are now in makes room for the following phase.

8. The leadership of the new long term gold share bull market is coming out of the junior category from the forward thinking and acting, not colonialist in corporate culture, companies with low cost production using cheaper but ecologically safe procedures. They are primarily self financing in their business model.

9. There is no question about the fact that Bail In is coming to all banks that have partaken in any form of Federal assistance.

10. There is a strong possibility that the new Bail In procedure will stop at the level of account guarantee because it will include an exchange of shares in worthless bad banks and blocked deposits.

11. From the first day of US Fed inception, MOPE has predicted QE to be imminently ending, Now the operative MOPE word is "Tapper."

12. QE goes to infinity which is defined by the level of the US dollar on the USDX in the low 70s.

Gold and good gold shares are insurance against the intact, destruction, economic and monetary trends.

Be strong.