You Don’t Have Time To Wait

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My Dear Extended Family,

You do not have time to dick-around thinking about whether or not to protect yourself from being bailed-in. Even retirement accounts are being nationalized as the IMF suggested for Cyprus.

Come to the Q&A meetings. I am going beyond the call of duty to prepare you. If you will not do the work there is nothing I can do for you.

We are but a few weeks before the start of the new bull phase in gold reflecting what is copying for the dollar.

Buy the organized, illegal takedowns in gold and good gold shares. This is the last time these prices will be seen in this bull market.


GEAB, to who you really should consider subscribing, has an earlier timeframe than I do on the "Great Reset," yet we agree totally on the "Great Leveling."

"Historians will certainly consider the 2008 crisis as a warning shot ahead of that of 2013. All the world’s regions won’t be affected in the same way but all will suffer. According to LEAP/E2020 the stages of this second crisis can be summarised as follows:

–  end 2013, financial impact: collapse of financial markets especially in the US and Japan. Banks can no longer be saved by States and bail-ins are put in place;

–  end 2013-2014, spreading to the real economy: the financial impasse causes/reveals a major world recession and the reduction of international trade;

–  2014, social impact: the economic deterioration causes unemployment to explode, in the United States the dollar’s decline lowers the standard of living, riots mushroom everywhere;

–  2014, political crisis: the governments of the most affected countries are under fire for their handling of the crisis, forced resignations and early elections are expected, if not coups;

–  2014-2015, international management of the crisis: together Euroland and the BRICS impose a new international monetary system and lay down the bases of a new global governance;