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Never have so few, done so much (damage), to so many.

Never has any man done so much to destroy the wealth of the population of a country.

An Indignant,
CIGA Wolfgang R

Stocks Tumble With Bonds as Gold Slides in Global Rout
By Stephen Kirkland & Inyoung Hwang – June 20, 2013 10:32 AM ET

Stocks tumbled, with the benchmark index of global equities sinking the most in 19 months, and bonds fell around the world after the Federal Reserve said it may phase out stimulus andChina’s cash crunch worsened. Gold led commodities lower as the dollar rallied for a second day



Before I found your wisdom, I was steeply educated in Keynesian and monetarist economics. During my studies, I found that Austrian economics was more correct and I diverged, much to the chagrin of my professors. Since then, one of my educational pursuits was one of gold. Then I happened to find you. To me, you coupled my formal studies with real world experience, which further enhanced my understanding of gold, in particular. To summarize, you are right. Regardless of downturns in paper gold, you are right. Long term, you are right. Thank you for providing your real world experience that helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice.

CIGA Jeremy