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Just wanted to let you know that I was successful in transferring my first block of stocks to their transfer agent via DRS and I’m starting on the next batch now.

I used Scottrade and it was super easy and free. No trying to talk me out of it, no trying to charge me $500, just print out one form per stock ticker, fill out the information on how many shares, etc, sign, scan and send it in.

Thanks to you for all you do for us!

Hi Jim,

I was able to successfully transfer one of my mining company shares into DRS at Interactive Brokers in the Netherlands. As Michael reported, the amount of shares, ticker code and transfer agent, together with a statement that I will pay the cost did it. I will do all of those that are eligible for DRS.

CIGA Jeroen


Hi Jim,

I have read multiple articles describe the printing of money and how the world is addicted and that the central planners have backed them-selves into a corner. Hogwash and below is the truth don’t you agree?

"The markets are addicted to the newly printed money."

I would like to point out that this is exactly how it has been planned and central planners know what they are doing 100%. They have always known money was, and is, as addictive as heroine if not more so. The world can no longer think for itself as the central banks have us hanging off every syllable and vowel. Junkies will do anything and I mean anything for another fix. When the dope (money) stops flowing the world will beg and I mean beg with such disgusting desperation that the dope man (Central Planners) will come smiling and offer a taste of the new (dope) monetary system. This new system will be the new drug only more addictive as now everyone is hooked as a matter of necessity and by force. Take a good look at a junkie the next time you see one because not to far off it will be the western world on mass.

It’s time to detox on gold and silver bullion.



Hi Peter,

I am a friend of Jim Sinclair’s and he has asked me to contact you on his behalf.

As you know Jim’s strong advice is that you should have share certificates issued for all shares you own or to ensure that they are directly registered in your name.

In regards to your share holdings if they are Australian shares certification is not possible but the best you can do is have the shares registered on the actual issuer sponsored subregsiter which will be administered by a share registry such as Computershare or its equivalent. That registration is held under your name via your Subregister Reference Number (SRN) rather than on CHESS via your Holder Identification Number (HIN).

In regards to the any bank it is better to be prepared and that is why Jim is advocating only keeping $5000 in any bank or to use accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I don’t think it could be said that Australia is akin to the BRICS. Before Cyprus who would have thought the bail in was possible? Answer: No one and yet it happened.

If you have US or Canadian shares with E Trade and you want to get them direct registered I don’t think they will assist you. The solution there is to open an account with a US based broker who provides those services. I have successfully used Sprott Global Investments Ltd. They allow direct registration for stocks that provide that option and once you are directly registered it is a simple task to have share certificates issued.

I dealt with Mishka vom Dorp at Sprott. This is the link to their website http://sprottglobal.com/investing-with-us/individual-accounts/

I hope this assists. If you need anything further please feel free to contact me.

CIGA Peter



I was watching Bloomberg TV this evening.

They had the US Economist for BNP Paribas on as a guest. Her name is Yelena Shulyatyeva and she spoke about the Fed Meeting tomorrow.

One remark had me in stitches. When asked about the markets’ reaction to a hint of Fed tapering, said calmly said "Tapering is NOT tightening, it’s just less easing."

It’s like saying, "rain doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s just not rising fast enough."

Perhaps we should use that mantra in talking about gold. When it drops, we could say it’s NOT because of the heavy selling, just less buying."

Thought you might enjoy that,
CIGA Wolfgang