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It appears to me that there is a general dissatisfaction with the way the governments are operating around the world. Can the US be far behind?

CIGA Larry Miki

Brazil protests erupt over public services and World Cup costs
Some of country’s biggest ever rallies sweep major cities as bus fare rise is last straw in spiral of high costs and poor services
Jonathan Watts in Rio de Janeiro
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 18 June 2013 18.22 BST

Brazil experienced one of its biggest nights of protest in decades on Monday as more than 100,000 people took to the streets nationwide to express their frustration at heavyhanded policing, poor public services and high costs for the World Cup.

The major demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia, Belem, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and elsewhere started peacefully but several led to clashes with police and arson attacks on cars and buses.

The large turnout and geographic spread marked a rapid escalation after smaller protests last week against bus price increases led to complaints that police responded disproportionately with rubber bullets, tear gas and violent beatings.



I read the Fed/BoE paper on “Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions.” My conclusion: The illuminati are putting a regulatory and legal framework in place that will allow them to escape the financial havoc they have inflicted on society. They are constructing the altar upon which to sacrifice the unsuspecting sheeple. They have designated us, the unwashed outsiders to be their sacrificial lambs and bleed for their transgressions.  It is us they are setting up to pay their creditors in full.  As for them; they collect all the gold and start a new game.

All my thanks again,


Dear Jim,

I live in The Netherlands, and have transferred my deposits to ABNAmro and SNS bank because they are both already nationalized (bailed-out) and now owned by the Government. On the other hand why would a bail-in not be possible with a government owned bank? In Slovenia the two biggest banks are government-owned, we will have to see how that is going to be solved. Maybe it is more important how big the balance sheet problems are that a bank is facing, instead of who the owner is?


Dear Mark,

You have answered your own question. I think you have walked directly into harm’s way by doing business with anyone that has accepted bail out money in the past.

The problem is the unrecognized legacy derivatives losses which have not been yet realized.

You have made a serious mistake. Please undo it.

Yes, buy bullion over the summer. Holding it in private storage will protect you completely.



Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

CIGA Rico says check your storage facility. Take delivery and see what happens.

Dear CIGAs,

I know, I know. "Unexpectedly" is perhaps the most disingenuous and over-used word by the American financial media complex today. It cleverly implies "Gee, who could have seen THAT coming?" …I rest my case.

Unexpectedly (at least in the American financial media complex… yes, I’m talking to YOU Bloomberg, MSNBC, CNBC, et al, although there was some ‘infotainment’ from Maria Bartiromo’s interview of Jennifer Anniston concerning ‘hair’) it was an article in today’s Sunday edition of the South China Morning Post where we learn that the HKMEx (Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange) has announced that it will NOT reopen for business Monday morning, 20 May.

All ‘open’ positions will be ‘closed-out’ and settled in cash (paper fiat), not physical bullion, at a settlement price determined by HKMEx to ‘protect’ their clients best interests (you know, those silly blokes who ‘thought’ they owned a Gold position). Gotta just love these weekends, eh? Makes me wonder what surprises America’s Memorial Day Weekend may hold for us?

If anyone needed further convincing that we’re looking at a huge shortage of physical Gold and Silver bullion in the fractional reserve paper bullion Ponzi game after MF Global (gee, it ‘vaporized’) and ABN Amro (no more physical deliveries), this should be a ‘wake-up and smell the coffee’ moment.

While we’re speaking of unexpected, the registered Gold bullion inventory at the COMEX is at an interesting low right now, making me wonder how the LBMA stands and how it will handle the rush to acquire physical bullion in the wake of this news when it reopens Monday.




Dear CIGAs,

Here we are, day one of the monthly FOMC reading of the economic entrails, and everyone from the Plunge Protection Team to the Money Honeys of FTV are all atwitter trying to read what the Fed will read on their Day 2 announcement.

In that spirit, here are some "Must Nots" to keep in mind:

Obviously on the paper craps table otherwise known as the COMEX, their mantra continues to be "Must Not Embarrass the Fed." Nothing like an Anglo-driven faux selling event to keep the Chairman’s spirits up!

Another one is "Must Save the Banks." Yes, that’s right. We must, must, must save the Banks from themselves. Keep dumping your Benny Bucks into the Banks to become unsecured creditors of those banks who will be required to "bail-in" those banks soon. This is why the smart money is bailing-out of their positions in the banks. They KNOW suckers with money in the-bank get to lose 50% to 80%.


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